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Tempo Timesheets 7.9 is Here: New Timesheet approval reports, Tempo Planner integration, time tracking for JIRA Agile, and more

After months of hard work the Tempo Team is incredibly proud to announce it’s Tempo Timesheets 7.9 release which is jam packed with new features and improvements. Let’s take a look at everything that’s included.

Visualize Timesheet Approvals

Until now it has never been as easy to visualize the timesheet approval for a whole team. Managers can now easily report approvals on timesheets for their teams and view each users approval history in great detail.

Team Timesheet Approval Reports

Timesheet Approvals report is now available for each team. Team Leads can get an overview of each team member approval status for an approval period. For each team member the report shows:

  • Current timesheet status
  • Hours logged and hours required

(Click image for larger view.)


User Timesheet Approval Log

Timesheet approval log report for each user is now available. It is accessed from the Team’s user action list. In the report, team managers can view the following for each user in the team:

  • Link to the user timesheet for each period displayed
  • Approval status change for the timesheet
  • Current status for each timesheet
  • Hours logged and hours required for the timesheet period
  • Names of Timesheet owner (User) and reviewer (Team manager)
  • Timestamp of all actions in the Approval process


Timesheets and Planner Integration

Our very own Tempo Timesheets has now been integrated with Tempo Planner and vice versa. What this means is that planned time in either add-on is now reflected in both Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner. So if a time is planned in Tempo Planner then it will automatically be displayed also in Tempo Timesheets.

  • Planned time on a project, version, and issue on a users in Tempo Planner is now displayed in Tempo Timesheets
  • All planned time in the Tempo Timesheets is displayed in Tempo Planner


Track time on Issues on JIRA Agile Boards

Time tracking for JIRA Agile Boards on an issue level is now available, showing original and remaining estimates and worked time. The new view gives you at a glance the progress of each issue on the board and can be filtered by Epic and Sprint. The new view button can be used to easily switch between Issue and Worklog view.


Planned time in Timesheets Excel Export

Users now have the option to export planning data into an Excel spreadsheet. This feature is one of the most requested, in our tracker and we are proud to release it at last.

  • A new worksheet has been added to the excel export in Tempo Timesheets
  • All planning data is displayed such as Issues, Projects, Versions and Components


Tempo Project Managers role

This role is used in the Project, Issue and Agile Timesheets to control viewing of other users worklogs. It is also used similarly in the JIRA Issue view for the planning mode Collaborators side panel. The users and/or groups that are in this role for a JIRA Project, can see worklogs that other users have contributed to this project.

More on this project role here.


Issue Picker in Tempo Log Work dialog

The issue picker is now displayed in all Tempo Log Work dialogs. The issue picker was not displayed in the dialog when selected from a cell in the Timesheet view or directly from the issue view in JIRA. Using the Log Work dialog users can log work to another Issue than they are currently viewing.

Custom Team Roles

Not happy with the team roles Tempo offers by default? Now you can, as a JIRA Administrator, define your own custom roles, easily rename Tempo Timesheets default roles, and even set a new custom default role. Team Leads can add these custom roles when assigning a team member to their team.


Auto-generated Team custom field

Tempo Timesheets now has a Team Custom field which is automatically generated. This means that JIRA Issues can be assigned to a Tempo Team and the team can be used in the JIRA Issue search, like when creating filters for JIRA Agile boards. Note however that users that have already created the field and configured filters with the field name other than Team will need to edit their JIRA filters. This field was first release with Tempo Timesheets 7.8 and this features is included in Tempo Teams 2.1 that has already been released.

See more details on images below and in our documentation.


The Team field is automatically installed with Tempo Teams and “locked”, e.g. it can’t be added manually nor configured.


In this image we can see an epic being assigned to a certain to team.

Group by Epic or Sprint in Gadget

Two new grouping options have been added to our Worklog Distribution Gadget as you can now group the gadget display by Epics or Sprints. The gadget is the latest one made for Tempo Timesheets and is one of the most useful gadgets. It is as the name indicates, a good way to analyse or get an overview for worklog distribution. It can be advantageous to see the distribution of worklogs to know how much time is being spent on a certain Issue, Project, Account, or by User.


This release also includes a number of additional improvements and fixes. Check out the Tempo Timesheets 7.9 release notes for more information.

We’re constantly striving to improve Tempo Timesheets with each release. Please keep your feedback coming so we can make it even better!

Upgrading Tempo Timesheets is free for all customers with an active license. New customers can purchase or evaluate Tempo Timesheets for JIRA download or JIRA OnDemand through the Atlassian Marketplace.