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Tempo Timesheets 7.10 is here! Introducing Tempo Accounts for Enhanced Program and Portfolio Management

With our Tempo Timesheets 7.10 release, we’ve launched a brand new Tempo Accounts module to help advance program and portfolio management for both new product development and professional services teams.

Tempo Accounts empowers businesses to better track, manage, and report on work and visualize graphically the distribution of efforts across teams, programs, and portfolios. Roll-up internal and customer account information, stay on track, improve communication, efficiency, and transparency, increase ROI, and trust information as it develops to make the best strategic decisions for your business and investments.

Introducing Tempo Accounts

The new Tempo Accounts functionality replaces our old Tempo Timesheets Account Manager, simplifying the account management process, including customer import and the export of data to external systems such as ERP, and increasing its value to our users. Tempo Accounts carries across our suite of Tempo add-ons, adding different dimensions and business intelligence at the program and portfolio level.

When used with our new Tempo Books add-on for JIRA, Tempo Accounts lets you manage the status of internal and customer accounts, including costs, expenses, and income for customer billing, managing internal costs, capitalization measurement, and realistic budget setting. Real-time information and what-if scenarios help you confidently plan for the future.

Tempo Accounts provides a convenient way to connect JIRA issues to an external system and group them from multiple JIRA projects that fall under a common entity. Keep track of customer, account, project, and employee work data in real-time. Through the new Accounts module, you can segment information for financial measurement and analysis and capture high-level information on all work performed.

Tempo Accounts Overview

Use Tempo Accounts for:

  • Customer billing
  • Tracking internal costs
  • Employee payroll
  • Measuring project capitalization
  • Budgeting

We’ve introduced into Tempo Accounts new flexible customer management which include better browsing and filtering capabilities, usability enhancements, and granular permission settings. More effort has been put into increasing flexibility for importing and exporting data through the Tempo’s Accounts API, which enables organizations to manage customers and accounts and drill down information as needed.

Tempo Accounts empowers teams in product development and professional services to better track and manage work, report, and visualize graphically the distribution of team efforts across their business portfolios.

Using Tempo Accounts for Professional Services:

Tempo’s Accounts enable professional services teams to optimally segment accounts and report on billable and non-billable work for customer invoicing, internal payroll, and capitalization measurement. Create accounts for customers and keep track of billable worked performed for simplified customer invoicing. Tempo Timesheets’ new Accounts features help you eliminate headaches, hassle, wasted time, and the possibility for inaccuracies and miscommunication.


Using Tempo Accounts for Product Development:

Managing resources and investments and accounting for expenditures across teams, programs, and portfolios is vital for an organization to succeed. Categories of expenditures vary from organization-to-organization, but often include items such as development, service and maintenance, internal, management, sales and marketing, salary, and billable work. Tracking time, effort, and expenses for these types of categories helps increase transparency, efficiency, and ensure funding to strategy. Tempo Accounts helps you manage and measure capitalization with custom account categories, budget and track costs and organizational efforts, and accurately forecast for the future.


Whether you’re looking to track hours for customer billing, capitalization measurement, internal employee payroll, or budgeting, our new Accounts can help ensure that your organization is on track and inline with your overall business objectives.

Check out our Tempo Accounts documentations for more info.

Browse Accounts and Quick filters

We’re always trying to improve usability of our Tempo suite of add-ons that’s why we’ve introduced into Tempo Accounts a more flexible customer management, which include better browsing and filtering capabilities, and usability enhancements.


Browsing accounts has been made a lot easier with multiple filter selection criteria, such as customers, projects, and categories. This makes Tempo Accounts more transparent and efficient.

Quick filters have also been added for account search and are located on the left sidebar.


Open and Closed accounts are displayed by default on the Accounts page. In addition users who are Account Leads can use the Lead by Me quick filter displaying all accounts that the users is leading. Maintenance filter links are displayed to users who have the Tempo Account Permission.

More on the Tempo Accounts Browser can be found here.

New Custom CSV Import

Importing accounts from spreadsheets or external systems such as ERP or PPM tools is now a lot easier, allowing you to map fields between Tempo and your existing system.

The other importing methods from the Tempo Account Manager are still supported so you can manage accounts manually, import accounts via csv template, or import xml file via service.


This page here explains how to import accounts from custom CSV in more detail.

Account Permission

A new permission has been introduced to grant users the ability to Manage Accounts. Users with Manage Accounts permissions are able to create and update existing accounts while Account Lead users are able to manage their Accounts. Users with Browse Project permission are able to view Accounts associated with their projects.


Read more on the Account permissions here.

Account Custom Field

Mapping Issues to Accounts is easier than ever with a new search box where you can quickly select an Account linked to the JIRA Project.


Searching for Issues in an Account is now possible via Basic search in JIRA as well as Advanced Search by Account Key or ID.

More on the Account Custom Field here.

Accounts API

Tempo Accounts now ships with a REST API to integrate Tempo with external systems. Create Accounts in Tempo or externally and use the API to keep data in sync.

View Accounts REST API page.

Improved Agile Reports

In Agile report you can now access worklog report in the context of a Tempo Team. The Team dropdown is displaying all Tempo teams that are linked to the selected board.agile-report-team-list

The epics list in the agile report are also now grouped into sections based on their current status for better hierarchical vision.group-by-epic-status

This release also includes a number of additional improvements and fixes. Check out the Tempo Timesheets 7.10 release notes for more information.

Get Started With Tempo

Tempo Timesheets integrates with other Tempo solutions, including Tempo Planner and the upcoming Tempo Books add-on for enhanced planning, budgeting, and portfolio management.

We’re constantly striving to improve Tempo Timesheets with each release. Please keep your feedback coming so we can make it even better!

Upgrading Tempo Timesheets is free for all customers with an active license. New customers can purchase or evaluate Tempo Timesheets for JIRA download or JIRA OnDemand through the Atlassian Marketplace.