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Tempo Books for JIRA is Available in Beta on the Atlassian Marketplace

Get reliable financial reporting, lean utilization and portfolio management, and real-time data for strategic decision-making

"Tempo Books gives us and our customers high-level financial and portfolio information in JIRA, enabling us to budget and manage costs and income associated with our projects and programs, and track key performance indicators, helping us define and measure progress toward our organizational goals. Used with Tempo Timesheets, we have complete transparency of the work performed across our professional services and product development teams at TM Software, and can maintain a continuous value flow, avoiding project start-stop discontinuities." —Ágúst Einarsson, CEO, Tempo

We’re thrilled to announce today the launch of Tempo Books, our new financial and portfolio management add-on for JIRA, which is now available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Used alone or in tandem with other Tempo products, Tempo Books offers yours business flexible financial reporting, utilization and portfolio management, and relevant, real-time data, giving a whole new meaning to tracking value in JIRA. Get the big picture for informed decision making. Tempo Books empowers both new product development and professional services teams plan, innovate, and execute.

  • Plan and manage budgets for capitalization, forecasting, customer billing, and analysis
  • Manage rates, income, costs, and expenses across your teams, projects, and programs
  • Measure estimated versus actual financials
  • Maintain better visualization of project and program health
  • Manage internal and customer accounts
  • Ensure funding to strategy
  • Integrate with Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Planner, and your favorite business applications for customer billing and further analysis

Reliable Financial Reporting

Tempo Books lets you budget, allocate, prioritize, and manage categories of income and expense. Flexible reporting gives you financial insights into project and program health and long-term business goals with relevant, real-time cost and budget calculations. Real-time, relevant financial data and reporting helps you track progress, manage capitalization, and ensure funding to strategy.

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Flexible Utilization Management

With Tempo’s new Utilization Report, get real-time account and team information, insights into the financial utilization of your teams and projects, and better visualization of investment health. Define rates and manage your costs and resources in real-time to stay lean and maintain a continuous value flow, avoiding project start-stop discontinuities.


Strategic Program and Portfolio Management

Drive strategic planning and fiduciary decision making for your investments based on objective, fact-based measurements and milestones, keeping you better informed and making the best business decisions.

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Internal and Customer Account Management

Tempo's new Accounts module gives you confidence with reliable, real-time data, and the ability to manage progress and visualize the big picture for informed decision making. Harness customer, account, project, and employee work data in real-time and segment information for financial measurement and capturing work on the team, program, and portfolio level.

Flexible Customer Management

Better browsing and filtering capabilities, usability enhancements, granular permissions settings, and an increased flexibility for importing and exporting data with Tempo’s Accounts API enable allow organizations to manage customers and accounts and drill down information as needed.

Ease of Use

Get started easily with Tempo’s clean, intuitive user interface. Less reliance on spreadsheets and one less system for IT to manage means staying better organized and efficient, with everyone on the same page.

Integrate With Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner for a Full Project and Portfolio Management Solution

Integrate with Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner for a full professional services and new product development solution for your organization. Get painless time tracking, flexible reporting, and operations management with Tempo Timesheets for budgeting, capitalization, managing internal payroll, and customer billing. Get deeper capacity, release, and program planning and real-time visualizations with Tempo Planner to help you visualize your workflow and identify and correct material issues before they escalate.

Enterprise Ready

Tempo’s efficiency and transparency-enhancing tools have become critical for many organizations, along with the scalability that big businesses need. Our customers are seeing the strength of our robust solutions for task management, time-tracking, resource and financial planning and management, analytics, and more.

Enterprise features, such as flexible permissions settings, customizable workload and holiday schemes for distributed international teams, and relevant, real-time business data keep your business efficient and focused.

Integrate With Your Favorite Business Solutions

Integrate with Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner for a full professional services and product development solution for your organization. Use Tempo’s API to integrate to your favorite applications for further analysis and customer invoicing.

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