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Tempo Planner Introductory Webinar and Q&A Video

We broadcasted a short webinar for Tempo Planner on Tuesday, November 4th and we were happy to see how many of you were able to attend the webinar. The questions following the webinar were intelligent and targeted as we've come to expect from our users and we hope you found our answers and the webinar useful.

The foundations for Tempo's future is the feedback from our users and we  greatly value your input.


A full recording of the Tempo Planner webinar and the Q&A that followed can be found here
A full recording of the preceding Tempo Timesheets webinar and Q&A can be found here

There are further webinars planned and we intend to give you guys a more detailed version of the Webinar demo video after the release of Tempo Planner 2.1. There we will look closer at how to set up teams and introduce what's new with Planner 2.1, among other things.

If you want to meet the faces that go with the strange Icelandic accents you heard in the webinar, then you can come meet us in person at the Gartner 2014 Symposium in Barcelona next week.


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