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New Videos: Introducing the latest features of Tempo Planner 1.1

In light of our new Tempo Planner 1.1 release we’ve created two brand new tutorials showing users the latest features in Tempo Planner for JIRA.

The first video demonstrates how users can do Program Management with Tempo Planner. Program Management is a process of managing several related projects, often with the intention of improving an organization’s performance. Until now it’s been difficult to harness all program related planning information into one centralized place. Program managers can now plan on a program level with Tempo Planner. Here’s how:


The Second video demonstrates how to Connect Distributed Teams with Tempo Planner, you can easily plan for your distributed teams successfully, keeping your team in sync with greater accuracy, as capacity planning easily takes into consideration the various holidays and workload schemes for teams and team members. Here’s how:



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