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New and improved Tempo quarters for this quarter

With a growing family and a vibrant team churning out new products, it was only a matter of time before we had to sprawl into a new and enlarged office space.

Because our team needs space to roam – like the buffalo.

A glass cube speckled by rays of welcome sunlight and snazzy leather furniture A new and very hip office with glass walls (chic transparency!)

Sunlight cascades of a plastic film showing the line of Tempo products over a view of the Universe. This wallpaper is a testament to our planning prowess and opulence.

Here is one of our new walls (walls!)

meeting room at Tempo TM Software JIRA plugins More meeting rooms! (oh, such meeting rooms we have!)

Office workers gliding across an open surface on wheeled chairs Dedicated team humans!

Majestic view of the Tempo team on a grassy knoll - forging a brighter future from lumps of time-saving software and agile solutions. More dedicated team humans!

A room with furniture and books at Tempoplugin headquarters Mandatory playroom for lounging and highly-competitive dart games (thank goodness for health insurance!)