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Getting Started with Tempo Planner Without JIRA Agile

We are big supporters of agile methodologies here at Tempo but we also understand that Agile might not always be the best fit for a team. Perhaps adopting JIRA Agile is in the pipeline or maybe they're plain bored of the scrum board.

We created this demo to show how a team that is using JIRA, but not JIRA Agile, can start planning the work ahead with Tempo Planner.


This video demonstrates how to:
- Use the backlog to organize the content of Versions.
- Plan with assigned and unassigned Issues.
- Edit the scope of the work and availability of team members.
- Plan for individual team members or the whole team
- Split work items.
- Plan unspecified work for Projects directly on the Tempo Planner timeline.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates, tips, and releases for Tempo Planner. More Tempo Planner video tutorials are available at www.tempoplugin.com/training