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Customer Story Interview: Thomsons Online Benefits

Tell us a little bit about your company

Thomsons Online Benefits is the business behind Darwin™, the leading software for global employee benefits administration and engagement. Our mission is to use technology to revolutionise the employee benefits market. Darwin™ enables employers to automate their end-to-end benefit administration whilst connecting employees with their benefits, throughout their lives. Thomsons -1

Who are your main customers?

Our clients span all sectors, from software, to media, legal, financial services, retail and many more. They include 7 of the top 10 technology companies, 4 of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies and 5 of the world’s leading banks.

When and why did you start using Tempo Timesheets?

From July this year we have used JIRA to replace and consolidate a number of systems around the business, for project management, configuration management and User Acceptance Testing. We implemented Tempo Timesheets to support project management, ensuring that we deliver projects on budget and that our people maximise their effectiveness. The intuitive and responsive UI of JIRA and Tempo supported our objective of increasing user engagement with the tool.

Are there many people within your organization using Tempo Timesheets? Are they spread across divisions, locations etc.?

As of October 2014, there are around 150 users actively using Tempo Timesheets on a daily basis. These are spread across over 10 teams in the UK, mainland Europe and Asia. Thomsons -8

How was it implementing Tempo Timesheets across your company?

As we were faced with a hard deadline set by the deactivation of our previous project management system, we needed to deploy JIRA (and Tempo) rapidly, with the entire project completed in eight weeks. The implementation of Tempo itself was relatively simple, fulfilling almost all of our usability and reporting requirements.

Did you experience any problems with so many staff members using a new product and if so, how did you solve it?

As our focus for the JIRA rollout was user engagement, we ensured that all staff members were updated regularly on progress, with face-to-face communications, emails and posters in each of our offices. We also engaged our key users early on during implementation, giving them a chance to shape the system, and carried out a comprehensive training programme for all users prior to the launch of JIRA. As a result, the vast majority of users were comfortable to start using JIRA and Tempo Timesheets from day one. Thomsons -15

Are there any special features within Tempo Timesheets that are most often used at Thomsons Online Benefits?

The most used feature of Tempo Timesheets at Thomsons is the Real-Time Time Tracker; our users love it!