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Customer Story Interview: K15t Software

We have some awesome customers representing a variety of industries around the globe. Here are some of their stories on how they’re using Tempo Timesheets, how Tempo has provided a solution for their business needs, and how their employees feel about using it.




Name: Johannes Egenolf

Company: K15t Software

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Website: http://www.k15t.com/

Tell us about yourself and your company

Hi, my name is Johannes. I work as Customer Advocate at K15t Software in Stuttgart, Germany. K15t Software is an Atlassian Expert and Add-on vendor for Confluence. We have about 16 employees, all located in Germany.

As an Atlassian Expert, we support our customers with great service around all of the Atlassian products. As an add-on vendor for Confluence, we sell add-ons for wiki-based documentation and content management.

Where / how did you discover Tempo Timesheets?

We met the Tempo team at the Atlassian Summit in San Francisco and they introduced us to the product.

How long have you been using Tempo Timesheets?

We are now using Tempo for about two years.

What challenges were you facing before that made you turn to Tempo Timesheets? How has Tempo Timesheets benefitted you're company?

Before we started using Tempo Timesheets, it was always a hustle to track time spent on both customer and internal projects.

Since we introduced Tempo Timesheets, everyone can now log their time spent directly on their JIRA issues they were working on anyway to manage and plan their work. To me as a user, the biggest advantage is not having to use an additional tool for time tracking. As I'm familiar with JIRA, I'm happy I can use JIRA plus Tempo for time tracking.

How do you use Tempo Timesheets?

We are probably using it in the most common way. We use JIRA for issue tracking and Tempo Timesheets on top of JIRA to track the time spent on certain issues. We use this combination for almost everything, from software development to planning conferences and events. It really helps a lot to keep track of the time spent on certain activities.

Can you tell us a how you implemented Tempo Timesheets within your organization?

As we are Atlassian Experts, we did it by ourselves.

What main purpose(s) would you say Tempo Timesheets serves for your organization?

We primarily use it for time-tracking and planning.

Are there any specific features that your team frequently uses?

We use monthly approval of timesheets frequently.

What would you say has been the biggest change in your organization since you’ve started using Tempo Timesheets?

I don’t think we have specifically measured the change, but it feels way more easy to everybody to track time.

How would you say that employees in your organization are feeling about Tempo Timesheets generally?

I think everybody is happy that they don't have to use an additional tool for time tracking. Everyone is familiar with JIRA, so it is very easy for us to use Tempo as well.

What would you tell another company asking about Tempo Timesheets?

I will and I do strongly recommend it :-)

Any final thoughts?

Great tool, awesome team! Keep up the excellent work.