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Customer Story Interview: Atlassian (Vietnam)


Tell us about yourself and your company

My name is Quang Ho, and I work for Atlassian in the new R&D center in their Vietnam Office. We currently have around 100 employees there.

My job title is Project Manager and Training Lead. My responsibilities include the following:

• Building/applying working processes, office processes, regulation, and culture for teams

• Assisting development with strategic plans, office KPIs, and improvement actions

• Planning the implementation and facilitation of activities and events, material production and distribution, and other resources to ensure that operations are managed successfully

• Identifying training requirements and manage training projects and initiatives to meet business requirements

• Providing logistical support, course development, delivery, evaluation, process measurements, and cost management

• Working with external communities, meetup networking for brand awareness, sponsorship, potential candidates searching, and more.

Atlassian’s products help innovators everywhere plan, build, and launch great software. More than 30,000 large and small organizations – including Citigroup, eBay, Coca-Cola, Netflix and United Airlines – use Atlassian’s issue tracking, collaboration and software-development products to work smarter and deliver quality results on time.

The teams in Vietnam are focusing on developing new features and plugins for JIRA, Confluence and other services.

When did you discover Tempo?

We discovered Tempo Timesheets on the Atlassian Marketplace. It's strongly recommended internally, and was also the best candidate when we were looking for solutions to build new working processes/tools for our Vietnam office. We’ve been using Tempo Timesheets for 4 months. Before Tempo, we used another system for years, which was not integrated with our Atlassian products. Therefore, we had to maintain different user credentials, and security systems besides JIRA and Confluence. Also, there were other limitations from the old system such as cost for licensing, complicated features/workflows, and they weren’t frequently upgrading/bug fixing their system.

We searched for an alternative solution and found Tempo Timesheets to be the best among candidates, as it fixes the limitation of the old system and is also lightweight and fully integrated with our JIRA.

Can you describe how your organization uses Tempo Timesheets?

Our Vietnam office mainly uses Tempo for tracking annual leave budget and leave time tracking. We have made some customizations on the way we use Tempo and also apply some hack to it.
- Each employee is assigned a JIRA ticket for tracking leave time when they join the company.
- The ticket has the Estimation value, which is a budget for annual leave of the employee for 1 year (or remaining months if they join in the middle of the year).
- We apply security/permission schemes prevent employees being able to modify Estimation value of this ticket type (the ticket is read-only) and only allow them to do time tracking (but cannot delete/modify time entry as this can be done by asking the HR supervisor)
- When employees log their leave time, the remaining value is reduced automatically, which allows people to track their remaining annual leave budget.
- The only problem is, Tempo does not allow us to lock (or disabled) the Remaining estimation value, which may pose problems if an employee modifies this field instead of leaving it subtracted automatically from their logged time. We enhanced this by applying some javascript code to JIRA that will disable Remaining field every time the Log Work dialog opens (see image below).

Disable Remaining Estimation (1)

- Besides tracking annual leave budget as above, we're also tracking other leave types, which have different workflow and values.

Tempo has the below advantages compared to other solutions:
- Fully integrated with JIRA
- Simple and effective UI and workflow
- Provides many useful configuration, settings which can be customized based on different requirements
- Team management
- Additional features (reporting, exporting...)

What main purpose(s) would you say Tempo serves for your organization?

Time tracking and reporting for costs and employee benefits.

Are there any specific features that your team frequently uses? If so, what would you say about these features?

Features that we're using frequently are:
- Time tracking/reporting via Excel
- Estimation/Remaining features (measuring estimated versus actual)
- Timesheet approvals process (via Get Approval button)

But we're looking forward to future updates of the great tool Tempo Timesheets.

What would you say has been the biggest change in your organization since you’ve started using Tempo Timesheets?

Tempo Timesheets helps us to greatly reduce overhead effort for defining, maintenance and limitations... for another system as it's fully integrated with JIRA while providing cool features and simple workflows.

We’ve also improved our speed for creating monthly and overall reports and generating invoices.

Cost for organizational training (also for newcomers) was greatly reduced with the use of Tempo + JIRA.

People are happy with the new Tempo and JIRA system, as it has saved them a lot of time, and they find it very convenient to use.

What would you tell another company asking about Tempo Timesheets?

We will definitely share our success story with other company’s, and all the other great improvements that Tempo Timesheets brings.

Any final thoughts?

We're looking forward to seeing new updates soon, which may provide more flexibility, and options of more customizations...
Thanks for making such a great tool and keep up the good work!