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What are people saying about Tempo Timesheets? - (Part 2)

2012 brought a lot of good things to Tempo, including the launch of the Atlassian’s Marketplace(and being one of the most popular and top grossing add-ons there), the Atlassian Summit in San Francisco, and being selected as the #1 Marketplace add-on of the year.

With more growth and new product add-ons on their way, 2013 is shaping up to be even better!  Our Tempo Timesheets add-on for JIRA has experienced major new new growth recently, from its new enterprise features — including permissions settingsworkload and holiday schemes — deeper GreenHopper integration, and more, and we’ve been hearing some good things recently from our customers.


Customer feedback is really important to us — both the good and the bad — so we can continually improve our products.  We recently sent out a customer survey to get feedback from Tempo Timesheets users. So, what’s all of the fuss been about lately, and what have people been saying about Tempo Timesheets?


“Great way for me to keep track of my and my team's billing. I can export the time logs into my accounts package. I run a completely transparent business where my clients can see the timelogs - charged or uncharged - so they can see what's really going on. Tempo Timesheets is an essential system for my business.”

Mike Eastwood


“The best thing about Tempo Timesheets is its integration with JIRA, so logged time is directly linked to the tasks created. Also, Accounts, so we can easily separate charges by our tasks' accounts.”

Carlos Rodriguez


“I love that Tempo Timesheets allows me to generate timesheets for individual projects, customers and employees”

Stefaan Lesage


“I love that Tempo Timesheets  integrates so well with JIRA and helps me do time tracking at any kind of granular level I want. Also, it's extremely simple to use! Best of all, I love the support!”

Jonathon McIntyre
i-Open Technologies


“[TempoTimesheets] fits perfectly for our business. We can track the progress of each and every staff member extremely well, and it is good for internal morale.”

Herwig Lejsek
Videntifier Technologies


“The best part about Tempo Timesheets is the [real-time] time tracker and being able to view the current time and projects entered by all the members of the team.”

Brian Coy


“The best part about Tempo Timesheets is that it simplifies timetracking, [we get a] best in class ability to integrate with external billing systems. It has very quick and modern interface.”

Denys Shvedchenko


“The best thing about Tempo Timesheets is the integration with my daily work, and also to be able to show our customer reports.”

Wiebe Elsinga


“The best thing about Tempo Timesheets is that it’s easy to use and easy to get good reports from.”

Scott Findlater


“With Tempo Timesheets, it’s easy to plan hours and get an overview of available hours for my team for a period. I also like the burndown gadgets.”

May-Britt Støen


“I like the ability to track hours per account. The same account can be spread along the different teams and hours and can be easily tracked.”

Tom Gustafsson

“I love that Tempo Timesheets is fully integrated with Jira, and with that we have time tracking fully integrated with our project/issue management software.”

Jochem Klaver


“Tempo Timesheets goes down well with the users — much better than the cumbersome systems that we have gotten used to in the past.”

Jón Þór Guðmundsson


“[Tempo Timesheets] allows inline searches in drop down boxes. It allows worklogs to be moved between dates easily, which makes filling in weekly timesheets much easier.”

Noel Jones


Not yet sure if it's for you?

Tempo Timesheets brings better time tracking, resource planning, and project management to your JIRA issues. Tempo’s efficiency and transparency-enhancing tools have become critical for many organizations, along with the scalability that big businesses need. Our customers are seeing the strength of an all-in-one solution for task management, time-tracking, resource planning, analytics, and more.

Tempo Timesheets is available for JIRA download and OnDemand (monthly and subscription pricing is available for OnDemand).

Free evaluations are available through the Atlassian Marketplace. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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