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Welcome to the New Tempo: New Branding, New Products, Sneak Peeks, and More

Introductions Are in Order

Ever felt so excited to be a part of something you’ve been working super hard on, but had to remain mum about it until the right time approached? Well, that’s basically how we’ve been feeling around these parts for the last several months, but the time to reveal some of the awesomeness has finally arrived!

We’ve been working diligently on brand new products, new product branding, and more, and we want to introduce some of what we’ve achieved with you today.

For one, we’ve just launched a new website and blog, replete with a simpler, cleaner, more navigable look. Have a look around.

Tempo front page

We've added a full features list and examples and use cases for our Tempo Timesheets add-on!

Tempo use cases

These sites incorporate our logo’s colors, which, by the way, also has a bit of a new look...

Introducing the new Tempo Logo 

Our refreshed logo is bolder in color and form, and, we think, better reflects our own evolution as the creator of a small, home-grown product developed for our company’s own internal use, to the owner of a successful, thriving product that we’re really proud of.


But, wait! There’s more news, because the key to internal and professional growth is to always be learning and pushing ourselves forward, right? We've been listening a lot to what our customers and others have said about their needs surrounding JIRA over the past few years, and we're responding to what they're telling us. Some need planning and project management capabilities independent of time tracking. Some need cost and expense management, forecasting and analysis, and invoicing management. Some need all of these things. We've really tried to pinpoint what these needs are and tend to them with new products.

New product logos — Yep, that’s plural!

That’s right, we’re expanding beyond the time tracking and resource planning realm. Our current time tracking plugin will be referred to as Tempo Timesheets going forward, which we’re giving its own special product logo. 



We’ve also got a new planning and project management plugin for JIRA called Tempo Planner, which will be in beta soon. This plugin can be used alone or in tandem with Tempo’s suite of JIRA add-ons, offering deeper project management and analysis, sprint planning with its GreenHopper integration, and business analytics. Transparency, flexibility, and efficiency mean greater overall cost savings for your organization.


And, there’s even more. Did we mention we’ve been super busy lately?

Today, we’re also announcing Tempo Books, our new business and cost analysis plugin for JIRA. Used alone or in tandem with Tempo’s suite of JIRA add-ons, Tempo Books helps teams flexibly budget costs and expenses attributable to JIRA projects, designate rates, and manage actual costs and expenses for client billing, giving a whole new meaning to tracking value in JIRA.

Tempo Books also helps businesses that do consulting work to track and manage their client invoicing — a highly-requested feature that we're thrilled to be able to offer to JIRA users.


There’s a sneak peek of both the Tempo Planner and Tempo Books add-ons over on our website — head over there and check them out! You can also sign up on each of these new product pages to be the first to know about these products.

We’re really excited about our new portfolio of JIRA add-ons, as well as our new branding, which we hope brings further cohesion to Tempo. With Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Planner, and Tempo Books, we're rounding out JIRA as a complete professional services solution for your organization's needs. This new product suite falls under the Tempo umbrella — maintaining the Tempo name — like the growing family we as a team have become. 

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