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Usability Redefined: Tempo Timesheets 7.7 is Here!

Today, we’re releasing Tempo Timesheets 7.7, which includes major usability features and improvements, including an improved user interface and a brand new way to view your team’s worklogs with our new Agile Timesheets. Let’s take a look at everything that’s included.

New Tempo Timesheets Look-And-Feel

Our design and development team has been working hard to improve Tempo’s look-and-feel in a manner that brings our product in line with Atlassian’s Design Guidelines.  With the changes to our Timesheets user interface, we wanted to create a more functional and efficient navigational experience for our users. We removed information duplication and reorganized Tempo controls based on their functionality and scope.

(Click image for larger view.)


New Agile Timesheets

JIRA Agile (formerly GreenHopper) users can now view Tempo Timesheets with current worklog information associated with their Agile boards and sprints. Our Agile Timesheets are a new Tempo Labs feature, which means that we’re looking for your feedback, comments, and suggestions on how we can improve this new feature. You can add yours by using the Feedback button while in the Agile Timesheet view. More detailed information is available on the Agile Timesheet documentation page.


Custom Timesheet Date Selection

We’ve added a new timesheet Date Navigation, which caters to casual browsing capabilities as well as more focused inquiries. Users can easily page between the current period, next month, or last month period, or fine-tune their search with the ability to move from different time frames with varying time lengths.


Users can select a specific span of dates, or opt to display their timesheets and reports within a fixed period, such as seven-day or two-week increments.


New Tempo Scheduler Option

As requested by our users, the Tempo Scheduler now has the option to send out reminder emails to employees to register their time without closing the current period. See our documentation page on this feature for more information on configuration.


Timesheet View Options

To improve on user navigation in Tempo, we’ve moved the Timesheet View options to the right, where users can now select between four different view options for their Timesheets: Timesheet, Calendar, Report, or List.


Multiple Filters Now Possible in User Timesheet View

User Timesheets can now be displayed with one or many filters for further exploration. You can determine whether you’d like your User Timesheet to be displayed in addition to your selected JIRA filters.


New User Picker For Team Leaders

We’ve added a new User Picker in our timesheets view for team leaders so they can quickly search for a user and locate their timesheet.


New Navigation Picker

In addition to the new User Picker, the location of the other pickers from the Tempo navigation has changed, including Project, Team, Account, Advanced, and Issue selections. They’re now all located in the header, but the activity select box has been added to the Project picker as shown below.


Log Work and Plan Time Buttons Have Moved

Tempo's log work button has been moved and highlighted in the timesheets view for better visibility, as this is a primary user function in Tempo Timesheets.


In addition, if you have Tempo's planning capabilities enabled, an option has been added to open the Plan Time dialog by selecting the Plan Time option from the Log Work list as shown below.


Help Menu Dialog Improvements

We’ve added a new link to our Support channel in the Help drop down, as shown below. This will take you to our Support page, where you can find answers to our Frequently Asked Questions and additional resources for your support issues.


And, There's Even More

This release is packed with goodness, so head on over to the release notes for a list of all of the features, improvements, and fixes that have been added.

Upgrading to Tempo 7.7 is free for all customers with an active Tempo license. New customers can purchase a license for JIRA download or JIRA OnDemand through the Atlassian Marketplace. Monthly and annual subscription pricing is available for Tempo OnDemand. (Please note that Tempo 7.7 will be available for OnDemand within the upcoming weeks. You can watch this page for updates.)

If you are using JIRA on-premises, you can upgrade Tempo via the JIRA Universal Plugin Manager (UPM). Please read the Tempo Timesheets 7.7 Upgrade Notes before upgrading.

Due to the UI improvements Tempo Timesheets 7.7 is only compatible with JIRA 5.2.x and higher.

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