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Unleash the Power of Your Teams With Tempo Timesheets 7.8

A key ingredient of any effective organization is the presence of high-performance teams that work well together. Our new Tempo Timesheets 7.8 release introduces a number of new features and improvements that empower organizations and teams to stay better informed, productive, and able to make better business decisions when it matters most.

This release introduces a new Tempo teams space, where team members and stakeholders can access high level information about their teams, improvements to our Agile Timesheets for better browsing and aggregation of data, a new Worklog Distribution Gadget for a visual roll-up of work efforts throughout your organization, and major usability improvements for better consistency and product navigation.

Our new Team space keeps everyone on the same page.

In this release, we’re unveiling a new Tempo Team space and a new module which will serve as an integration point for our Timesheets and our new Tempo Planner add-on for JIRA. The new Tempo Team space information will be accessible from these Tempo products going forward.

Through this new space, team members and stakeholders can now access high-level information about their teams. Teams are easily searchable by name, team member, and team lead, enabling you to quickly identify the teams that a member of your organization is currently assigned to.


Basic team information, including team name, summary, and a mission statement can be added here so that everyone is apprised of the team’s primary mission and purpose.


New Tempo Roles and Permissions features have been added for greater flexibility, allowing team leads to better manage their current teams, plan for future hires, and change roles as team members join and leave the team.



Current team structure, roles, availability, and future members are clearly identified in the new Team space. Each team member’s team role, commitment, and a link to their user profile, current JIRA issues, and Activity can be easily accessed from this space.



Team leads can link to specific projects and agile boards (if also using JIRA Agile) that the team is currently working on, so that team members can access all team information, including issues, sub-issues, tasks and other work items from the common Team space.


Additional features will be added to the Team space, so stay tuned!

Timesheet improvements let you know who is in the office and when.

We’ve made some improvements to Tempo Timesheets views, which now reflect the working days for each individual, to help distributed teams and those with part-time workers visualize the expected capacity of each team member based on the Workload and Holiday Schemes to which they have been assigned.


Our new Tempo Worklog Distribution Gadget gives you a visual roll-up of work efforts throughout your organization.

Our new Tempo Worklog Distribution Gadget helps you visualize the distribution of efforts across any JIRA filter or other designated category, enabling you to get high-level information of time spent, segmented by what makes most sense to you.

Users can group Tempo worklog information by JIRA issue, issue type, user, project, or account. Data can be viewed for the current month, previous month, current week, last week, or last 30 or 60-day period.


Special refresh intervals can be designated as well. The gadget displays data in pie chart, bar chart, or donut chart.




The gadget can also be added to a JIRA Wallboard for high-contrast displays of your data.


Our improved Agile Timesheets let you easily browse and aggregate agile board information for better sprint and kanban management.

Our improved Agile Timesheets now makes it possible to browse worklogs based on any combination of sprint and epic criteria and roll-up the total effort spent.


Filter down by epic and create your own epic timesheets.


Additional UI improvements make your Tempo user experience better and more intuitive.

Starting with our Tempo Timesheets 7.7 release, we've aimed to bring this product in line with Atlassian’s Design Guidelines, as well as our own improved internal standards, for better consistency and intuitive product navigation. In this new release, we’re introducing an even better looking user experience, particularly in our timesheets and reports views. We believe these improvements will further reduce friction and make your experience using Tempo Timesheets even better.

Some examples of the Tempo Timesheets 7.8 UI improvements include:

1.  Tempo Top Navigation

We've cleaned up the Tempo top navigation to simplify decision making, while also making room for our new Tempo Planner and Tempo Books, which will be released in early 2014.

Links to the Tempo Timesheets navigation have been removed from the top navigation list.


Now, links to additional Tempo Timesheets views are accessible from Tempo's User Timesheet, as shown below:


2.  Improved Timesheets Layout

We've introduced a number of improvements to our Timesheet views to provide users with an unobstructed view of workdays, non-working days, and holidays, and to make navigation and usability cleaner and more intuitive. Other improvements include:

  • Timesheet table cells for the current date have a blue background;
  • Non-working days are indicated with a gray colored cell background;
  • Holidays are indicated with a red cell background;
  • Days within a closed period are grayed out;
  • Weeks are segmented with a darker vertical border;
  • Row sections are visually segmented with a darker horizontal border .


3.  Invalid Worklogs Display in User Timesheet

In this release, we've improved the display in the User Timesheet views of JIRA issues that have invalid worklogs. In previous versions, these issues were simply displayed in red.

Now, for all invalid worklogs on the User Timesheet, the text "Invalid Worklogs" will display. This is the first of a number of improvements that we'll be adding to this feature, such as advising on what is needed to make the worklog(s) valid. For now, this information is displayed in the Status column on the timesheets' List view.


4.  Timesheet Approval Status Improvements

New icons and approval status names have been added to our Timesheet Approval Status feature. The new statuses are:


These new status names better describe the status of the timesheet, rather than the workflow status. For instance, instead of "Pending User", we now use "Ready to Submit". The new design follows the Atlassian Design Guidelines and references the upcoming design in JIRA 6.2.

5.  Improved Reports Layout

We've improved the look-and-feel of Tempo's Report views, which have been improved by using new headers in accordance with Atlassian's Design Guidelines. Controls for what information to display in table rows and table columns have been moved into two drop-down menus called "Rows" and "Columns" (note that our User Timesheet view displays only a "Rows" control). Users' initials have been replaced with their full name.


You can view the full list of UI improvements, as well as all other new features, improvements, and bug fixes, in our Tempo Timesheets 7.8 Release Notes.

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