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The Moment You've Been Waiting For... Tempo 7.5

The moment you've all been waiting for has finally arrived: Tempo 7.5 is here! Okay, it may not be THE moment you’ve been waiting for all your life, but it’s a pretty momentous occasion, nonetheless. This version is full of enterprise and Agile features for large-scale, international organizations, as well as those with distributed work teams, or employees working with different workload expectations and on different schedules.

This is a major release for Tempo — the largest release since Tempo 7.0, and one of our largest ever — and there’s a lot to digest. We’ll offer some brief tutorial videos in the upcoming days to get you familiarized with all of the new features, but here’s a summary of three main features that have been included in this release — Tempo’s new Workload Schemes, Permissions, and Team Management features:

In addition to the new Workload Schemes (which respond to the most highly requested new feature we’ve received yet), Permissions, and Team Management features, which we've touched on with screenshots in this sneak preview and also this one, there are a number of new additions and improvements included in Tempo 7.5.

Improved Tempo Table Report view

The Table View for Tempo reports has been re-designed and improved. Now, users can add the same columns as are available in the Tabular View to this view. Users can also choose not to display the Created, Updated, and Status columns. All of the fields are editable, and the Total Sums are also displayed.

(click for a larger view)

Tempo Improved Report Table View

Assigned Issues now in Log Work dialog

The Assigned option is now available in the Tempo Log Work dialog, where users can select from unresolved issues that have been assigned to them.

Tempo Assigned Work Log Work dialog

Improved Issue picker

The Tempo issue picker has been replaced with a new and improved one. Users can now search for issues by writing a search string in the search field, or select an issue in their Recent Issues history by clicking the triangle icon on the right of the field. The new issue picker makes it easier to navigate and quickly enter work in Tempo via the Log Work dialog.

Tempo Improved Issue Picker

Last selected tab in Log Work dialog

The previous dialog tab used is now automatically selected when a user opens their Log Work dialog. For instance, in the below screenshot, John's previous work logged via Tempo's Log Work dialog was for an internal issue, so this tab is selected by default

Tempo Log Work Dialog Last Selected

Inline editing improvements

All inline editing in Tempo now maintains the 'Look and Feel' of JIRA. The edit icon has also been added to the view for worklog attributes, as shown below.

Tempo Report Attribute Inline Editing Icon

We hope you enjoy this release! You can view the full list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes in our Tempo 7.5 Release Notes.

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback! Find a bug? Be sure to add it to our JTEMPO page.

Tempo 7.5 is finally available for JIRA download. This release will be available for OnDemand shortly, so stay tuned!

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