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Tempo's Best of the Best — Our Developers' Favorite Tempo Planner Features

With the product release of our new Tempo Planner add-on for JIRA imminent, and the development of the product in full swing, we were curious to learn more about Tempo Planner from our developers' perspectives. What better way to get to know about the product than by learning first-hand from the team that built it?

We asked our Tempo Planner development team which product feature is their favorite. Here’s what they had to say:

Guðleifur Kristjánsson

Gúlli is an experienced developer who is the ScrumMaster for the Tempo Planner team. He’s in charge of organizing tasks for the team, making sure that the team reaches their deadlines and objectives, and developing the product.

What’s your favorite Tempo Planner feature? The Planner Timeline's recurrence and refinement settings.

Why is it your favorite? They offer extensive and complex features giving the user great control over allocation functionality.

Are you currently working on its development? Yes.

Árni Freyr Snorrason

Árni Freyr is one of Tempo’s most promising software developers. He’s been working hard on developing features for the Tempo Planner, which he hopes will hit the spot with prospective customers.

What’s your favorite Tempo Planner feature? My favorite feature is the Allocation Sidebar.

Why is it your favorite? It allows me to access more detailed information on my allocation, and it also gives me access to further allocation functionality, such as splitting and repeating the allocation.

Are you currently working on its development? Yes, and will continue making it better and better!

Lúðvík Snær Hermannsson

Lúlli is a talented software developer who has been developing the Planner since the beginning. He believes that users will come to love the Tempo Planner once it will be released.

What’s your favorite Tempo Planner feature? The Planner's recurrence allocations.

Why is it your favorite? If I have a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly assignment that I know I have to work on, I can make a recurring allocation on the Planner Timeline, and the timeline makes allocations with that rule until I don’t need it anymore. It’s easy and user friendly.

Are you currently working on its development? Yes.


Susanne Barbara Götz

Susanne recently joined the Tempo Team after finishing her B.Sc in Software Engineering. She’s been doing QA testing on the Tempo Planner, and works is a member of our support team, making sure that our products work correctly for our users.

What’s your favorite Tempo Planner feature? The Allocation Sidebar is my favorite.

Why is it your favorite? It gives users the ability to create repeating allocations and refine them as they need to.

Are you currently working on its development? Yes, I’m doing the QA testing for the product.

Viðar Svansson

Viðar is Tempo’s Product Manager. He's been driving the development of the new Tempo Planner product, which will be unveiled very soon.

What’s your favorite Tempo Planner feature? The Roadmap Planning features.

Why is it your favorite? It’s my favorite because is allows me to manage epics and releases.

Are you currently working on its development? Yes, I’ve been working on its development.

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Try Tempo Planner Now!

Tempo Planner for JIRA is available in public beta for early access evaluation! If you’d like to be one of the first to try out and evaluate Tempo Planner (and offer your feedback!), then head over to our Tempo Planner Early Access page, where you can download the latest version of Tempo Planner, view the Tempo Planner documentation, and access a demo database with Tempo data to assist you with your evaluation (Note: this beta version is not intended for production environments).

Get Tempo Planner Beta

Tempo Planner will be available on the Atlassian Marketplace very soon! Stay tuned to get the latest news and announcements on our Tempo TimesheetsTempo Planner, and Tempo Books add-ons for JIRA.