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Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month: Accessing Your Account and Project Data

Reining in company expenditures and Account information can make-or-break factor a business. That’s why our Tempo Timesheets developers have focused on useful ways to enable users to configure Accounts in a way that best suits their needs. That means you can easily view an Account or all Account data associated with your company. Here’s how:

Once the Account Manager has been activated by a Tempo Timesheets Admininistrator, Accounts can be selected from the Tempo drop-down in the top navigation bar. There, you can either choose to View All Accounts or select a particular recent Account. (Note: Team Members need to have permission from an Admin to view this — more on that here.)

Click on screenshots for larger view.

Tempo Timesheets View All Accounts

Now that you have an overview of All Accounts, you can delve deeper. You can choose to view the Timesheet for an individual Account by clicking the Timesheet link to the right, to view a detailed Report, or to export the Account information to PDF with your company logo (Note:  the Account PDF Export needs to be enabled by a Tempo Admin in the Global Configuration for PDF exports).

Tempo Timesheets Account Information

You can also view summary Account information by clicking on the Account name, and summary will open up with information on the Lead and Contact for the Account. It also shows the billing key for the Account and its status.

 Tempo Timesheets Wikkkieea Cloud

For more specific data, you can view the entire Project(s) in greater detail that have been assigned to the Account. Click the Project name, and you can view its summary. Project progress will evolve and update accordingly, with overview information including issues that have been assigned to it, its roadmap, users working on it, and more.

Wikkkieea Cloud Project Summary

That’s it!  To delve into some of our other neat features, be sure to check out our other Tempo Timesheets Tips of the Month.