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Tempo Timesheets OnDemand

[Reprinted from The Tempo Times, Volume 3]

The benefits of a cloud-based project and portfolio management (PPM) tool cannot be understated, and our Tempo Timesheets OnDemand cloud offering for JIRA is no exception.

Cloud-optimized or cloud-native PPM applications, delivered as a service, provide many benefits for consumers, including the ability for rapid availability, adoption, and consumption, PPM functionality that is accessible from virtually anywhere, shorter-term financial commitments, and limited overall risk in investing in PPM process automation.

While project management is essentially the management of structured work to deliver a significantly complicated or complex solution, portfolio management includes the making of management decisions determining which projects (and programs) are the most appropriate ones in which to invest. Our Tempo Timesheets OnDemand solution provides support for both of these processes.


Atlassian takes Tempo Timesheets’ popular time tracking, resource planning, and project management suite into the cloud as an integrated part of its platform, providing teams with better, flexible ways to plan, track, analyze, and adapt organizational time and resources.

As a leader in the Atlassian ecosystem, our tool provides a depth and breadth of functionality in the application of its services, representing many years of development and innovation.

“As a leader in the Atlassian ecosystem, our tool provides a depth and breadth of functionality in the application of its services...”

We understand that IT PPM leaders are often under extreme pressure to improve the speed, accuracy, and agility of their project organization, while also managing risks and costs. They’re looking for software solutions

supportive of these seemingly conflicting objectives.

For years, the IT PPM software market standardized on on-premise or traditional hosting for deployment of IT PPM software functionality. But, with the continued maturity of the Internet as an enterprise computing platform, on-premise and traditional hosting have now given way to cloud-based options as a viable means for their application services deployment.

Tempo Timesheets OnDemand requires no installation, no hardware, and no manual upgrades. There’s no need to be tech savvy. With instant product upgrades, our cloud offering means never having to worry about technical upgrades, instead letting teams focus on their primary tasks at hand.

Using OnDemand services hosted by Atlassian for Tempo Timesheets has proven to be a secure and reliable solution. Thousands of customers trust Atlassian OnDemand. Boasting a 99.9% uptime and support 24/7 every day of the year, it’s a safe, dependable answer to the need for a hassle-free instance.

As more and more of our customers are using Tempo Timesheets and JIRA not only for software development, but for less traditional use cases, including human resources, Agile marketing and sales, customer support, legal, finance, accounting, and more, Tempo Timesheets OnDemand provides them with an easy alternative for seam- less product upgrades.

Tempo Timesheets OnDemand is affordable for any team, with monthly and annual subscription pricing now available. Starting at just $10 per month or $100 per year, teams can use our powerful cloud-based tool to quickly deliver quality results on time and on budget. Tempo Timesheets OnDemand easily scales your company’s needs; from small development teams to large enterprises, we’ve got you covered.

More on Tempo OnDemand at www.tempoplugin.com/ondemand