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Tempo Timesheets’ New Look

In our latest Tempo Timesheets 7.8 release, we introduced a number of usability improvements, including an enhanced, modern user interface (UI) redesigned for efficiency, intuition, and visual appeal. The UI improvements focus on Tempo Timesheets’ most widely-used features and functions, so team members can more easily access timesheets and reports, create and edit worklogs, submit timesheets for approval, and visualize overall team capacity and resources. They also bring our product further in line with Atlassian’s Design Guidelines.

Tempo Top Navigation Menu

One major enhancement that users have quickly noticed are the changes to our Tempo top navigation menu.

We’ve cleaned up the Tempo top navigation to de-clutter and simplify decision making, while also making room for our new Tempo Planner and Tempo Books, which will be released in early 2014.

These new JIRA add-ons can be used in tandem with other Tempo products, and for this reason, will soon be included in the navigation menu.


Links to the various Tempo Timesheets navigation have been removed from the Tempo top navigation list. Instead, these Timesheets (User, Project, Team, Account, Advanced, and Issue) timesheets views can be now be accessed directly from your User Timesheet.

Select Timesheet from the Tempo top navigation menu, which will take you to your User Timesheet. Then, select an additional Timesheet view you would like to see, as shown below.


Team Timesheets

We’ve made some improvements to Tempo’s Team Timesheets views, which now reflect the working days for each individual, to help distributed teams and those with part-time workers visualize the expected capacity of each team member based on the Workload and Holiday Schemes to which they have been assigned.


Visual Indicators

In addition to our Team Timesheets improvements, we’ve introduced a number of visual improvements to our Timesheet views generally to provide users with an unobstructed view of workdays, non-working days, and holidays, and to make navigation and usability cleaner and more intuitive. Other improvements include:

  • Timesheet table cells for the current date have a blue background;

  • Non-working days are indicated with a gray colored cell background;

  • Holidays are indicated with a red cell background;

  • Days within a closed period are grayed out;

  • Weeks are segmented with a darker vertical border;

  • Row sections are visually segmented with a darker horizontal border.


Learn more about the new features, improvements, and fixes that were included with our Tempo Timesheets 7.8 release in this version's Release Notes.

Upgrading to Tempo Timesheets is free for all customers with an active Tempo license.

New customers can purchase or evaluate Tempo Timesheets for JIRA download or OnDemand through the Atlassian Marketplace.

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