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Tempo 7.5 Is Enterprise Ready

The release of Tempo 7.5 — our biggest release since 7.0 — is just around the corner, and it’s so jam-packed with great features, particularly with new enterprise capabilities, that we thought we’d preview some of the new scalability and flexibility that larger businesses so often need.

Workload Schemes

In our last sneak peek, we gave you a small preview of Tempo’s new Workload Schemes, which respond to the most highly requested new feature we’ve received yet. Here's a little more.

These new Workload Schemes allow organizations with distributed teams, or with employees working on different schedules, to be separately categorized. For instance, employees working part-time from Monday through Friday for four hours per day can be assigned to a separate group from other employees working full-time, Monday through Friday for eight hours per day.

Tempo Default Workload Scheme

Likewise, large-scale organizations with offices located throughout the world often face different workload schedule needs. For instance, employees in one country may have Saturday-and-Sunday weekends, while employees in another country may have Friday-and-Saturday weekends. Tempo’s new Workload Schedules will now accommodate these different work schedules within the same JIRA instance.

Tempo Different Weekend Scheme

Permissions and Team Management

Tempo 7.5’s new permissions and team management features will enable JIRA administrators to assign various permissions within Tempo. For instance, not all JIRA administrators may wish to have Tempo administrators access all permissions within Tempo.

Tempo permissions

Starting with Tempo 7.5, permission to handle Tempo's administrative options, which may change frequently, can now be maintained by non-JIRA administrators. Tempo administrators will now have permission to administer Tempo, while Tempo Team Managers may now manage Tempo teams. Tempo Team Managers who have been given this permission by a JIRA administrator will now have the option to select Manage Teams from the Tempo drop-down menu in the top navigation bar.

Tempo Team Manager Top Navigation

Tempo teams will consist of team leaders and team members.Tempo team administrators can assign any users and groups to specific teams, allowing for greater flexibility with Tempo’s permissions options.


Tempo is more tightly integrated with GreenHopper than ever, which is great for Agile organizations. Building on the deeper GreenHopper integration features and improvements which were included in our special 7.4.3 release, Tempo 7.5 offers additional improvements and functionality, like the ability of admins and Tempo team leaders to now log work or plan time for other users with the new and improved Log Work and Plan Time dialogs.

Tempo Plan Time Dialog User Picker

In addition, GreenHopper users will now be able to access their Tempo worklogs directly from their GreenHopper quick issue view, without ever having to leave GreenHopper. Likewise, starting with Tempo 7.5, those with permission to view other users’ worklogs can now view all worklogs and issue reports from Tempo in the GreenHopper quick issue view.


Excited? There’s more to come. Stay tuned!

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