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Scale Up Your Enterprise With Tempo's Suite of PPM Tools

[Reprinted from The Tempo Times, Volume 3]

In today's environment, an increasing demand for business agility forces firms to adapt. Manual data entry and ponderously slow feedback loops from planning-as-usual methodologies don’t allow firms to pivot as business circumstances change. Today’s organizations need to see and trust information as it develops to make decisions that will help them surpass their competition. A one-size-fits all approach no longer suffices, but the need to adopt lean and Agile processes makes choosing tools more difficult for businesses.

Tempo’s products are designed to serve as flexible hybrid solutions that handle the day-to-day work for both waterfall and Agile projects and teams, yet also convey aggregated information for more strategic planning. They cater to the lighter-weight / lean governance processes that Agile projects require, while offering the rich resource forecasting features, what- if prioritization scenarios, and multiple capabilities for discerning business value.


Best of all, our project and portfolio management (PPM) solutions are scalable, both from an organizational and a demand perspective. Tempo’s add- ons for JIRA are designed to competently support different types of work environments, addressing simple work management as well as sophisticated business-driven project needs.

With strong, flexible deployment options and the ability to support global implementations, our Tempo product suite allows distributed teams to work together efficiently. Customizable workload and holiday schemes enable businesses with teams working around the world to set up multiple schemes according to team and employee workloads, incorporating local holidays and other time off. Internal issue planning features allow teams to plan for and around employee vacation time and other internal time, flexibly adapting to changes to maintain smooth internal processes and transparency. Tempo’s many gadget features for managers, executives, team leaders, and members provide customizable experiences with high-level and detailed analytics and decision support to keep businesses on track, making better informed decisions.


Our quick, adaptable implementation strategy and an active education and user community helps teams get up and running quickly. Flexible processes allow management to plan at the team or role level with transparency, allowing them to quickly ascertain resource capacity to help manage demand.

Tempo's enterprise resource planning (ERP) and management capabilities enable teams to plan resource utilization effectively, supporting the ability to forecast resource consumption at multiple levels for both traditional and Agile organizations.

Robust yet flexible reporting options and business intelligence capabilities for forecasting, analyses, and modeling help support decision-making and measure performance, enabling teams to work together efficiently and effectively to meet their business goals.

Our work management tools are intended to allow organizations to consolidate demand and evaluate and allocate work. Strong progress tracking allows users to easily compare performance of project portfolios from a cost, schedule, and resource consumption perspective, and to flexibly adapt project plans as circumstances require.

And, our enterprise solutions are fully backed by a support team with expertise in troubleshooting and problem solving, ensuring that our largest customers aren’t without our mission critical tools.

Evaluation licensing is now available for our Tempo Timesheets add-on for JIRA through the Atlassian Marketplace. Get started today.  www.tempoplugin.com/try