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Press Release: TM Software Announces Enterprise Features and Scalability for Popular Tempo Timesheets JIRA Add-on

June 18, 2013 (Reykjavik, Iceland) — TM Software’s popular Tempo Timesheets add-on for JIRA has led the way in time tracking,  resource planning, and project management functionality for organizations around the globe. With its recently added features, including flexible permissions settings, international workload and holiday schemes, and Agile improvements, Tempo Timesheets now offers large-scale Enterprise organizations an all-in-one solution for time-tracking, project management, resource planning, business analytics, and more.

Tempo Timesheets’ new permissions settings give users greater control over who can access what information within Tempo. Customizable workload and holiday schemes enable businesses with distributed teams working around the world to set up multiple schemes according to expected employee workloads, incorporating local holidays and other time off. Internal issue planning features enable teams to plan for and around employee vacation time and other internal time, flexibly adapting to changes to maintain smooth internal processes and transparency.

Tempo Timesheets’ many gadget features for managers, executives, team leaders, and members provide customizable dashboards with high-level and detailed analytics and decision support to keep businesses on track, making better informed decisions.  The add-on is available for both JIRA download and OnDemand, for automated maintenance and product updates. Enterprise licenses start at 500 users, and scale to 10,000+ users.

For more information, visit http://www.tempoplugin.com/enterprise/


Tempo Timesheets is available today for a free 30-day evaluation on the Atlassian Marketplace, or can be purchased for onsite download or OnDemand cloud offering starting at only $10/month for 10 users. Discounts are available for annual OnDemand subscription purchases.

Tempo Timesheets is available in the following languages:  English (US/UK), French, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, and Norwegian.


“Tempo has increased our internal knowledge management and productivity. Our Account Managers and Project Managers have complete transparency to see how a project is progressing; Tempo enables our management and team members to divide up time and resources properly.” — Kirstin Falk | COO and CMO of Red Bricks Media

“Tempo and JIRA are a great combination at any company. Even if you don’t currently think you need to track time, I would strongly recommend you develop that culture. It’s a culture of communicating, and it helps everyone make decisions about how they use their time. The most important tool that any leader has is simply how we use our time. If we don’t know what we’re doing, then we can’t make decisions about how to use this most precious resource.” — Michael Rainwater, Director of Engineering at Balfour

“In addition to a powerful product, the Tempo team gives fast and skilled support. If you want to track user worklogs in JIRA, there is no way around Tempo. It is worth every cent of the commercial license.” — Alexander Grzesik, Chief Software Architect for NoemaLife GmbH

“We searched quite a long time for a handy and secure workflow to manage the billing of hours worked on JIRA tickets. With Tempo, we found what we were searching for. Only Tempo makes JIRA’s worklogs manageable, and gives us the transparency and security that we need.” — Patrick Schuh, Manager at Brainbits


Headquartered in Reykjavík, Iceland, TM Software is a leading software development company powering the business operations of its customers through the knowledge, experience, and professional profile of its employees.

TM Software, owned by Nýherji corporation, specializes in web and portal solutions, custom made solutions, integration and architecture, and business intelligence. TM Software has approximately 100 specialists with a breadth and depth of industry experience. More than twenty years of experience has given the company a unique position in consultancy, services, and software development within most industries.