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How XeniT uses Tempo Timesheets

We have some awesome customers representing a variety of industries around the globe. Here are some of their stories on how they’re using Tempo Timesheets, how Tempo has provided a solution for their business needs, and how their employees feel about using it.


Name:  Ronny Timmermans, Managing Director

Company:  XeniT

Location:  Belgium

Website:  www.xenit.eu


Tell us about yourself and the company

I’m the Managing Director at XeniT and am responsible for the organization of our services. At XeniT we have 11 full-time employees and we are located in Belgium. The company was founded in 2007 and is young, but the XeniT team has over 30 years of experience in successful delivering document management and content management projects. The company operates in the software integration market and is active in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM), a fast growing market.

We create solutions on top of Alfresco, the leading ECM open source platform. We integrate Alfresco with other back-end systems, and develop custom solutions for our clients. We have developed two products — namely Fred, which is a Desktop for Alfresco, and Move2Alf, which is a migration tool for Alfresco. Our customers operate in various industries such as insurance, banking, manufacturing, government, hospital and more.

Why Tempo Timesheets?

We started looking for a planning and timesheet solution about two years ago when we discovered Tempo Timesheets. We found Tempo Timesheets to be a good fit, primarily for fulfilling our time tracking, planning, and invoicing needs.

How do you use Tempo Timesheets?

We use Tempo Timesheets to easily book our hours. We also use the reporting features to check our invoicing. This helps us plan and organize our work. The hours booked via Tempo Timesheets are read into Open ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)  to generate client invoices.

What would you say has been the biggest change in your organization since you’ve started using Tempo Timesheets?

It's easier to get our bookings on time for our monthly invoices. It's much easier to correct bookings, and to prepare the correct export to our ERP system. We all can benefit from the Account and Project time views. We even allow customers to follow this up in real-time. With the account view, we check that the invoice we send to a customer matches the budget. Accounts give an overview of all activities for a client. The project view is our number one spot to check the progress against budget per project. We like the visual indications per issue, so you can immediately spot overrun.

How would you say your employees are feeling about using Tempo Timesheets?

I think everybody feels that it’s a big step forward in terms of productivity and accuracy of bookings. Booking time is not pleasant, but the better the tool is, the less tedious it is perceived by our people.

What would you tell another company asking about Tempo Timesheets?

Just test it. Check it out with the people that need to use it. And try to organise filters, etc. so booking becomes easier. For example, we created a filter that allows us to see all active issues, i.e. the ones an engineer has been working on in the last week. This is a shortcut to all relevant tasks — likely candidates to book time on.

Any final thoughts?

Tempo Timesheets completes JIRA as a project management tool. A lot of attention is given to usability!


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