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How Tempo’s Kentoo Team Uses JIRA, GreenHopper, and Tempo Timesheets for New Product Development


You may have heard that Tempo has been working diligently on two new major JIRA add-ons, which will be available in beta for early access users soon. Our development team, Kentoo, which has been hard at work on the new Tempo Planner add-on for JIRA, has used JIRA, GreenHopper, and Tempo Timesheets throughout the development process. Like with Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Planner is geared to deliver an innovative solution to help increase productivity and enable teams to better stay on track and transparent throughout their project development.

Guðleifur Kristjánsson, an experienced developer who is the Scrum Master for the Kentoo team, walked us through their development process, and how these tools are helping them meet their goals. He’s in charge of organizing tasks for the team, and making sure that the team reaches their deadlines and objectives. The Kentoo team is comprised of four developers, including Guðleifur.


The main challenge the Kentoo team has faced is the need for a set of tools that can handle their development needs, considering how many things can go wrong during the development process. To run a successful team, a number of things needed to be planned and accounted for. The team needed a set of tools that could help them with planning, project management, organizing, adaptability, and time tracking.


Kentoo identified three software tools early on that each offer unique solutions for the potential problems they faced. They use Atlassian’s popular JIRA platform, as well as GreenHopper and Tempo Timesheets add-ons.


With JIRA, team members can assign work and organize issues that need to be dealt with. Guðleifur has the option to assign issues to his team members, and can maintain a good overview of what his employees are working on at any given time.

JIRA offers the option of setting the priority of an issue depending on how important it is. This is something that the Kentoo team frequently uses, and plays a large part in prioritizing the tasks that lie ahead. Working on tasks that aren’t a priority can delay development, making the process feel jumbled and stale.

Another JIRA feature the Kentoo team regularly uses is the ability to comment on issues. This

allows team members to interact with one another on pressing matters, and further communicate next steps or why a task should be completed a certain way. These features, among others, help keep the team on their toes and their work standards high.

Kentoo team Tempo Planner solutions


The team implemented GreenHopper to help with the development part of the job. With Scrum being the framework that Kentoo mainly uses, GreenHopper offers the team a software solution tailored to their needs. With the integration of GreenHopper, the team utilizes Agile methodologies to follow the team’s progress, build a sprint backlog, and identify team commitment. If needs change, plans can easily be adapted.

GreenHopper enables Guðleifur to track his team’s work and make sure that all tasks are performed in the optimal order with the best results. Using GreenHopper also allows Guðleifur’s team to plan their sprints thoroughly, with a comprehensive overview of what tasks are to be completed in any current sprint.

Tempo Timesheets

Last but not least, the Kentoo team uses the Tempo Timesheets add-on for JIRA for their time tracking, planning, and management needs. The team needs to keep track of their time and make sure that their valuable time is well spent. Tempo Timesheets offers Kentoo a flexible way to plan for and around internal time, such as meetings, vacation days, and more, and to track time spent on JIRA issues throughout their sprints. Team members log their work each day, which is also used for internal accounting and payroll purposes within the company.

In short, JIRA keeps the Kentoo team well organized, GreenHopper helps with the planning process, and Tempo Timesheets makes sure everything is on track and headed towards completion on time.

Kentoo’s product — Tempo Planner (coming soon!)

When we discussed product development with Guðleifur, the Kentoo team was putting its final touches on the first iteration of Tempo Planner. The team is very positive of the outcome and the three software tools they chose to assist them with the new product development.

Tempo Planner will enable Agile and other teams to plan for and manage projects and sprints flexibly in JIRA. Tempo Planner builds on GreenHopper’s planning capabilities, enabling teams to plan time around their sprint or kanban. It can also be used without GreenHopper for project and other planning capabilities and management by providing users with a comprehensive overview of project plans and their progression.

Guðleifur and the Kentoo team encourage you to try the new product, which will be in beta soon for early access users. Sign up to be the first to know!

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