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How Agile is Tempo?

The recent feature additions included in our 7.4.3 and 7.5 releases bring Tempo even further in line with the aims of Agile organizations, and their needs for efficiency, adaptability, and transparency among their teams. You can read about Agile time tracking features added in Tempo 7.4.3 here, and a general overview of Tempo 7.5 feature, including deeper GreenHopper integration, here.

With the addition of a number of new features, Tempo is even more integrated with GreenHopper than ever (and we have some additional new features related to our GreenHopper in the pipeline, so stay tuned!). The first batch of integrations (included in Tempo 7.4.3), enable Agile teams to do their day-to-day time-tracking without ever leaving their rapid board.

GreenHopper Tempo Log Work dialog

Scrum Masters who are also Tempo Team Leaders can also now view and log work for their entire team] in Tempo directly from GreenHopper, and can also access all Tempo time tracking information using the new Tempo Worklogs tab located in the GreenHopper issue view. It neatly displays all spent time on a issue on the issue view, regardless of timeframe, and can be used to display just your own time or everyone’s time spent on the issue.


This allows users to glimpse at the effort that went into a story without ever leaving the rapid board. If you need to dig deeper, the Tempo Report is just one click away.

In addition, GreenHopper users can access their own Tempo worklogs directly from their GreenHopper quick issue view, without ever having to leave GreenHopper. These new integrations make it difficult to justify not using this time tracking medium for Agile teams.

Tempo GreenHopper My Worklogs

We’ve included a brief tutorial below to help our users familiarize themselves with Tempo’s Agile capabilities. Let us know what you think!

We’re constantly striving to make Tempo the best time tracking JIRA add-on out there, and we welcome your feedback, suggestions, and ideas.

Upgrading to Tempo 7.5 is free for all customers with an active Tempo license. New customers can purchase a license for JIRA download through the Atlassian Marketplace. Tempo OnDemand can be purchased through us.

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