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Greater Agility For Your Business With Tempo

[Reprinted from The Tempo Times, Volume 3]

With the release of Tempo Timesheets 7.8 and 8.0 coming, two of our most dramatic product releases to date, we’re streamlining the way that Tempo works. We’ll be introducing major improvements in 7.8 and beyond that will add broader flexibility, and a common functionality that threads our products together. Most importantly, these features add to Tempo’s agility for businesses requiring a hybrid solution for high-level planning, budgeting, and project management, as well as more granular access and adaptability that lean teams require.


Tempo Timesheets already offers a number of Agile features for businesses requiring greater efficiency, adaptability, and transparency among their teams. Team leaders can view and log work for their entire team directly from JIRA Agile, and can access all Tempo time tracking information using the new Tempo Worklogs tab located in the JIRA Agile issue view. It neatly displays all time spent on an issue from the issue view, regardless of timeframe, and can be used to display just your own time or everyone’s time spent on the issue.

Tempo Timesheets’ integration with JIRA Agile allows users to glimpse at the efforts that go into a story without ever leaving their rapid board. If you need to dig deeper, a Tempo report is just one click away from the JIRA Agile issue view. Tempo Timesheets is tightly integrated with JIRA, which means that even teams that aren’t using JIRA Agile can log work seamlessly and without hassle directly from their JIRA issues.


New Tempo Teams and Accounts

Our JIRA Agile integration is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to helping lean teams better realize their objectives. Whether or not you’re using JIRA Agile, our Tempo products will help businesses work smarter and more effectively, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

We’re introducing new Tempo Teams and Accounts functionality, initially to Tempo Timesheets, which will help streamline how businesses define user roles, availability, permissions, time allocation, and planning for teams, users, and projects. This core functionality will carry over to and connect our other Tempo products, including Tempo Planner and Tempo Books, to enhance the overall data and value generated for your organization. The more products you use, the more value-added from this core functionality.


Our new Tempo Planner add-on builds on JIRA and also JIRA Agile by adding deeper project management and resource planning capabilities that are flexible to your business’s needs. Whether your project is creating the next great app or redesigning your best-selling product, Tempo Planner re-defines the way your business manages and tracks your employees, teams, and projects.

But Tempo Planner agility doesn’t stop there. You can also choose what to focus your planning on, such as teams, accounts, and agile boards. And along the way—even as you get close to your project’s completion—you’ll be able to easily change anything from the very large, like your project’s scope, to smaller aspects, like how much time someone should be spending on a specific task. Tempo Planner knows that as your team’s needs change, your planning and project management solution needs to change with it. Plans can be easily adapted through flexible drag- and-drop features and other direct on-screen interactions.

Other features, like tracking your plans in real-time, producing graphic analytical reports, and forecasting for any “what-if” scenarios help you constantly adapt, strategize, and plan like a pro.

Since no team works alone, Tempo Planner makes it easy to communicate plans to other groups within your organization—ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working with the same set of data no matter where they’re located. Instead of sending emails, distributing spreadsheets, charts, and presentations about re-source planning across your organization, which costs money and wastes time if everyone is not on the same page, managers, teams, and users can easily and quickly access data from one centralized place.


With our new Tempo Books add-on, businesses can establish budgets, manage rates and expenses for internal use or client invoicing, and perform multi-level analyses for forecasting and real-time monitoring. This add-on isn’t just for account managers and team leaders, but offers features for all levels of your business, from employees who need to enter their expense reports, to senior management members who want an overview of your entire organizational portfolio. Like Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner, Tempo Books helps everyone stay on the same page. Through our Teams and Accounts functionality, including permissions features and user roles, your organization can remain transparent, with information going only to those who need it.

Whether you’re a die-hard follower of Agile methodologies, or a nimble organization looking for a better way to integrate and streamline your resource planning, budgeting, time tracking, and information and data sharing processes, Tempo’s portfolio of business solutions will help keep you lean, efficient, and focusing on what your business does best.

Tempo Timesheets 7.8 and 8.0 will be available on the Atlassian Marketplace soon.


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