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Five Years Strong


We’re thrilled to be participating in our fifth Atlassian Summit this year. Summit encompasses all of the creativity, innovation, tenacity, and encouragement that the ecosystem has come to embody over these last several years, wrapped up in several days of information sharing, networking, and discovery.

Our team has benefitted greatly from being a member of the Atlassian ecosystem, and over the last year, a top-grossing Atlassian Marketplace publisher, with our Tempo Timesheets add-on being voted the #1 Atlassian Marketplace add-on of 2012 by Atlassian! But very few could have predicted Tempo’s success back when it all began.

Tempo is a bootstrapped team that was born out of the ashes of the 2008 financial meltdown in Iceland. Tempo plugin—now our Tempo Timesheets add-on for JIRA—was initially developed by our company, TM Software, as an internal solution for a time tracking pain-point felt by the organization’s numerous development teams. The product was launched externally in 2008, and has been growing exponentially ever since.

In the Beginning...

Back in 2006, TM Software was introduced to Atlassian’s portfolio of software solutions, including JIRA. This was part of our company’s initiatives to introduce Agile tools to its internal development teams. JIRA was initially introduced to our company’s software development teams to help track issues and projects related to their development process, and has since been extended for other uses, such as Agile marketing and sales, human resources, customer support, and more.

Our teams quickly discovered with their adopted Agile and lean processes that the existing time tracking solution we were using was neither efficient nor sufficiently accurate for the types of data needed for internal and customer billing purposes. (TM Software is a leading software development company in Iceland that specializes in customized services and consultancy for our clients.) Employees previously had to book their time in two systems: one for salary and billing calculations, and the other for Agile project management.  From this discord, Tempo plugin was conceived.

As part of our company’s lean initiatives, the most acute pain points were quickly identified and solutions were created for them. TM Software’s iteration of its Tempo add-on for JIRA (now Tempo Timesheets) was initially launched in-house. After realizing the market potential for a time tracking solution for JIRA, Tempo plugin was introduced externally as a painless and accurate time tracking and project portfolio management (PPM) tool for organizations around the world.

Perseverance, Resolve... And a Lot of Fun Along the Way

When Tempo plugin was first introduced to the external market, there was little idea whether it would flourish or flounder. With a lot of perseverance and determination, Tempo met an early and consistent success. Perhaps it’s because TM Software and the Tempo team were and continue to be actual stakeholders in this product as both product developers and users, providing real-time assessments and tweak- ing, that the product has seen such accomplishment. Our product demos reflect our customer wish list as well as our team’s feedback.

Tempo is a bootstrapped team that was born out of the ashes of the 2008 financial meltdown in Iceland.

Today, Atlassian’s JIRA platform is the most popular issue tracking system in the world, and is used by 70 per- cent of Fortune 100 companies. Our Tempo Timesheets add-on is used by more than 4,000 companies in over 90 countries worldwide, and has remained one of the top-grossing, most popular add-ons in Atlassian’s Marketplace. The add-on is available as an on-premise and OnDemand cloud solution. Our customers range from small startups to large enterprises with over 10,000 users.

The Future’s So Bright

Tempo’s swift success hasn’t gone to our heads. While continually growing in size over the last few years, our team perseveres with around 23 full-time employees, not including a handful of contractors and interns. Despite its growth, we remain tightly connected, delivering around eight product releases per year (for Tempo Timesheets), in addition to one major product release. Next year, we’ll see even more.

Building on the strong relationships the team has cultivated with its customers, in 2013-14, Tempo is now able to introduce a number of new JIRA add-ons to Atlassian’s Marketplace, built from early testing and feedback from our users.

One new product, Tempo Planner, will provide Agile resource planning and project management, JIRA Agile integration, and business analytics. Another new add-on, Tempo Books, will enable teams to flexibly budget costs spent on JIRA projects, designate rates, and manage actual costs and expenses for client billing. Our third new JIRA add-on, Tempo Attendance, is a personnel information tool that provides a quick overview of staff presence on any given day, helping to build smoother communication and collaboration among your teams. All of our add-ons can be used alone or in tandem as a complete professional services solution for your organization’s needs.

Tempo’s identity, symbolized both in its name and logo, is representative of the cyclical and rhythmic nature of time and the need to remain in sync with it to reach our objectives. Our team’s primary objective has always been to create project portfolio management (PPM) solutions that help businesses work smarter and more efficiently. We’re using these tools ourselves to maintain our cadence while we dive into the future.