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Betware Leads the Internet Gaming Industry While Staying Lean With Tempo Timesheets

[Reprinted from The Tempo Times, Volume 3]



Betware has been a pioneer in the Internet gaming market since 1996, developing interactive solutions for licensed gaming operators. The company’s core product is a flexible and open Gaming Platform that allows operators to apply a multi-sourcing strategy and implement best-of-breed games and services from vendors of their choice. Betware currently employs a team of over 110 energetic, creative, and passionate professionals based in Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Belgrade, and Madrid. Their customers are among the most innovative gaming operators in Europe and North America.

Visit:  www.betware.is


In 2008, Betware implemented Atlassian’s JIRA platform to enable their developers to easily track their issues. At that time, they were also using MS Project Server to maintain employee time registration for their development teams. However, the company soon came to realize that their old time registration process was not only outdated, but in some cases, a liability to them. Not only were several manual actions required for employees to enter their time, with multiple emails sent throughout the company for validation, but their financial department’s bill creation process was tedious and time consuming as a result of these two processes that were out of synch with one another.

This inefficiency meant that employees had to switch between programs often, figuring out which project was to be registered with what hours in the secondary program. Having adopted Agile methods among their development teams, they quickly realized that logging data for the same projects in two separate locations was not only a hassle for Betware’s project managers, account managers, and developers, but identifying and extrapolating vital data from two sources was especially taxing.

With outdated time registration and billing tools weighing down the company’s potential, it became clear that a better solution was needed — one that integrated well with their primary issue tracking system, JIRA. The introduction of Tempo Timesheets in 2010 significantly simplified Betware’s administration.


Tempo Timesheets supplements the work requests and services of Atlassian’s JIRA platform. The add-on’s main advantages include the simplification of account administration, flexible and easy time registration, and data reporting for analysis, typically resulting in a higher level of efficiency for businesses. Tempo Timesheets also provides planning and project management, cost analysis, and pre-invoicing features with an intuitive graphic interface.

When implementing Tempo Timesheets at Betware, TM Software, the developer of Tempo products, provided consultancy services on a variety of issues while successfully addressing the following Betware needs:

• Simplifying and streamlining their time registration process;
• Achieving better consistency in reports;
• Increasing information available to management and customers;
• Cutting the risks of lost hours (and income) from the registration and billing processes;
• Reducing overhead for Betware’s finance, management, and development teams;
• Increasing transparency and reducing conflict with customers over hours billed;
• Creating greater overall clarity and a simplification of team and member utilization; and
• Increasing ROI on projects and teams, leading to an increased EBITDA.


Through the implementation of Tempo Timesheets, Betware’s project management has been confined to the JIRA/Atlassian suite, a single location in which 95% of all Betware employees conduct their work. Employees have an easier time registering hours,and every key figure is kept at a single location for the project managers. Key statistics can be easily extracted and used for further benefits for the company’s management teams.

Tempo Timesheets Flexible Views

Tempo Timesheet Approvals

Some of the many features that Betware frequently uses are monthly approval of timesheets, and also using feeding data cubes in order to monitor project time usage. Betware recently integrated Navision with Tempo Timesheets for billing purposes, which allows Navision to access worklogs in Tempo Timesheets at any given time. This makes the billing process even simpler for Betware, and demonstrates one of the many functionalities of Tempo Timesheets.

Tempo Timesheets for JIRA Reports

Tempo Timesheets Visual Data Gadgets

Björn Brynjar, Betware’s Head of Project Management said of Tempo Timesheets:

I love the simplicity Tempo Timesheets offers by supporting time registration directly within JIRA. Even though Tempo is a plugin from a different provider, Tempo Timesheets and JIRA combined feels like a single solution. In reality, this means we have fewer systems to interact with, and therefore, spend more time focusing on delivering real value to our customers.

All in all, Tempo Timesheets has helped Betware simplify its processes, leading to greater efficiency and improved communications among all teams.

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