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5 Things We're Doing This Summer Besides Working

We’ve been up to a lot more this summer besides working hard and developing awesome new products and product features. What’s that line from The Shining — “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? Well, it’s true. We all need a little work-life balance, and summer gives us a good excuse to explore new adventures. Thankfully, we live in a place that serves as a veritable playground for fun, scenic experiences.

Here's some of the things that we’ve been up to lately beyond working hard:

1.  Swimming in the North Atlantic

We may be located just shy of the Arctic Circle, but that doesn’t stop us from taking a dip in the ocean from time to time. It’s summer, after all!

Some brave souls from TM Software took a dip in the sea near Nauthólsvík, a man-made beach in Reykjavík (the yellow sand is a dead giveaway from the typical black sand that spans this country’s beaches).

FYI: The temperature of the ocean here is usually around 12-16 °C (54-61 °F) during the summer and goes all the way down to around -2 °C (28 °F) in the winter. Warming up in a geothermal hot spring afterward was a definite reward!

Heading into the cold sea

Cold, cold water!

Warming up in the geothermal tub afterward


2.  Hiking Síldarmannagötur

Every June, TM Software has a tradition of selecting a long scenic hike to explore. This year, we hiked a trail called Síldarmannagötur, which is an ancient Icelandic path located along a lake called Vatnhorn, between Hvalfjörður and Skorradalur.  The trek was around 12.6 km, with an elevation of 461 m, and the views were, of course, stunning.


TM Software team hike photo

TM Hike

At the hike's end

3.  Running the Reykjavík Marathon

This year’s Reykjavík Marathon will be held on August 24th, and a number of us from TM Software will be participating, from the 10K, to the half-marathon, to the full whammy of a 26.2 miler. Each year, we sponsor a local charity, and this year is no exception. We'll be raising money for Einstök börn, an organization dedicated to helping chronically ill children and their families.

TM Software RVK Marathon

4.  Soaking Up the Sun

To say that it’s been a bit of a rough summer here in tropical Iceland would be a bit of an understatement. Although we’re typically blessed with long sunny days by the time high summer reaches us — nearly 24 hours’ worth of daylight — this year we’ve experienced several weeks of rain, cold, and gray.

But as a newly adopted member of this country, one quickly learns to embrace a wise Icelandic saying that if you wait until the weather is optimal, you’ll never go outside. Thus, we’ve adapted, and when the sunlight has graced us with its presence, we’ve rejoiced. And soaked it in while eating ice cream and barbecuing, because that’s what summer is for.


Ice cream truck

5.  Dressing Like Superheroes

Some of our superheroes were recently featured in a local newspaper about the culture of TM Software and Tempo. Superhero culture has become prevalent here over the last few years, stemming from Ofurhetjudagur, or Superhero Day, when employees are asked to set aside their regular work to brainstorm and present new project ideas to the company as part of an annual competition.

Tempo superheroes(photo by Kristinn Ingvarsson for mbl.is)

But aside from that, the article adeptly highlights TM Software’s spirit and some of the fun things we do together outside of our regular work hours, from golf, photography, fitness, and recreation clubs, to participating in this year’s Eurovision song contest (yep, that’s actually true). After all, what better way to find some creativity and inspiration than by letting loose every once in a while?