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What’s up with Tempo’s New Logo?

You may have noticed something a little different lately about the Tempo logo. We recently revisited our design, as we wanted something that was a little more refreshing and engaging, a little more graphical and clean -- something that would better reflect us and our vision. We worked along with a team of designers and strategists to brainstorm how we might improve upon the original logo, and voilà!

Tempo's New Logo

So what does it all mean? We think the new logo speaks a lot for itself, but we were inspired by a number of things.


The Tempo name denotes rhythm, something that is symbolic of the Agile initiative. Time tracking shouldn’t affect our other activities, but should be part and parcel of them. With Tempo, we can keep our rhythm -- and even improve it -- without disturbing it.


The Tempo logo emulates a clock, which was inspired by the nature of time, and specifically, how we often lose control of it when we lose sight of it. Having a better sense of how we spend our time helps us to better manage it. The hands on the clock are a checkmark, and symbolize this notion of how time tracking enables us to better manage our productivity and efficiency. The checkmark also signifies the approval processes that are intrinsic to our product.

Our new logo also evidences a clockwise movement, which represents the ongoing, cyclical nature of work and our quest for continual improvement.


We wanted colors that would stand out and engage people, and that would symbolize different kinds of time. The orange, which represents allocated time, and the green, which represents planned time, mesh with blue, which is representative of all of our time.


We chose a clean, simple font that we think is representative of our product -- clean, intuitive, manageable, and easy to use.

We’re pretty proud of our new design, and we hope you like it as much as we do!

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