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Tempo Weather Report -- TM Software Does Vestmannaeyjar

Last weekend, TM Software (including the Tempo team) took a trip to Vestmannaeyjar (the "Westman Islands"), a series of tiny islands located off of the southwestern coast of Iceland. In 1973, the Eldfell volcano (which means “Mountain of Fire” in Icelandic) erupted unexpectedly on Heimaey -- the only inhabited island there -- burying a number of homes and buildings, and resulting in an evacuation of the island, which last for months afterward. Vestmannaeyjar has a colorful history, replete with stories of slavery, abductions, and even the killer whale from the movie Free Willy.

Today, Heimaey has a population of around 4,100. Visitors can travel there from the mainland by ferry or airplane, and hike to the top of the volcano -- which is still warm from the eruption!

It’s a breathtaking view along the way. Here are some photos of our team trekking their way up to the top of the volcano.

Hiking to the top of Eldfell


The ledge at the top. The ground is still warm in some places!

The ledgeCrossing over the ledge of Eldfell


A view of Heimaey from near the top of Eldfell. The ground looks a bit like Mars maybe, no?

View from the top of Eldfell
Another view from the top of Eldfell


And, part of the Tempo / TM Software team!

TM Software at the top of Eldfell
Each year, our company travels to a scenic part of the country to bond, chill out, and have some fun together. Other activities this year included a scenic boat ride out along the islands, ping pong, a company dinner, a presentation given by our awesome Managing Director, and possibly a little bit of revelry as well. Not a bad way to spend the weekend, and this year was no exception!