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Tempo Weather Report -- The Solstice is Near

To say that the weather has been gorgeous here lately at TM Software’s headquarters in Reykjavík, Iceland would be a bit of an understatement. Over the last week or so, the temperatures have reached upwards of 17 Celsius / 63 Fahrenheit. It may not sound so warm to those living in more tropical climates, but it’s about as balmy as it gets here on this tiny island near the Arctic circle, and it often feels much warmer due to the bright (nearly blinding) Scandanavian sunlight beaming overhead. It seems to have put everyone in a fantastic mood.

We are now nearing the summer solstice, and soon will have close to 24 hours of daylight. It’s not as bad as it might seem, though dark shades on one's head and in one's home might be a necessity right now. The temperatures and beautiful weather have made it a bit difficult to be indoors, so we’ve gotten a little creative with our work/play space, like holding meetings out on the balconies and outdoor foosball.

Outdoors foosball TM Software

Outdoor foosball TM Software 2

And, it doesn’t hurt that we’ve got some pretty decent office views of Esja and the harbor. We'll take it!

View of Esja TM Software
Reykjavik Harbor


If there’s one thing to be learned about living in a climate with frenetic weather patterns, it’s to enjoy it while it lasts. (There's already rain in tomorrow's forecast.)