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The Altitude of Atlassian Summit 2012 (Highlights)

We’re back from Atlassian’s Summit ‘12 in San Francisco, and although we're still recovering from jetlag a bit, we had a fantastic time, met some great new people, saw some friendly familiar faces, and learned a great deal. The altitude of this year's Summit was most definitely higher than the last.

This was our fourth year attending Summit, and we can safely say that the experience never gets old. The conference space at the Design Concourse was the perfect venue for the 1000+ attendees. We had a great time listening to the presentations at the Launchpad Event (hats off to Zen Foundation, which won this year's presentation), meeting some awesome new people at our booth in the sponsor pavilion, and of course, chatting it up with folks at the Atlassian Summit Bash, but here are a few highlights that we took away from our experience:

Enterprise Scale and Performance

One of the exciting talks at Summit pointed to new integrations that will bring added value to JIRA, creating greater usability and performance to teams of all sizes. The new integrations will enable users to search for, view, and create issues faster than ever. Larger teams will also see significant improvements throughout the product, and JIRA administrators will see new database connection monitoring graphs.  Overall, it sounds like there are some sound new improvements heading to JIRA 5.1

This was an exciting slide distributed from Atlassian:

Enterprise Scale Charts


Atlassian's recent acquisition of HipChat has resulted in a welcome new member of the Atlassian family. If you’re not familiar with it, HipChat is instant messaging built for businesses, and is intended to help shape how product teams work together. It has no ads, obscure screen names, or failed file transfers. Instead, you can collaborate in real-time with colleagues and clients in persistent chat rooms — sharing information like chats, images, and automatic updates from integrated products, like JIRA or Confluence. HipChat stores full conversation history, so any new person who joins a room can catch up and participate in a discussion. It also supports all of the modern social conventions, like @mentions to help direct messages to specific people quickly and easily.

Oh, and HipChat teams can access HipChat from virtually anywhere — from any browser, from desktop apps for Windows or Macs or any Jabber (XMPP client) and from mobile phones through native iPhone, iPad and Android apps or SMS. One notable feature that we thought was really neat is that HipChat pushes out messaging to your mobile devices if your computer is idle. Very cool! We're looking forward to seeing how this product evolves.

Read more about HipChat.

GreenHopper 5.10

Atlassian has really outdone itself with the recent release of 5.10, which included a total revamp of GreenHopper to fully support Scrum teams in every sprint activity, including backlog grooming, sprint planning, executing, and reporting. GreenHopper is now used by 600,000 worldwide, three times more than any other tool used by Agile teams. Nice job!

One of the new features that we were impressed with is the provision of rapid boards for Scrum teams. GreenHopper introduced rapid boards for Kanban teams with 5.8, but now this functionality is available for Scrum teams, too. Thanks for that!

GreenHopper Rapid Boards for Scrum

Read more about GreenHopper 5.10.

Atlassian Marketplace

Possibly one of the most exciting announcements coming out of Summit was the introduction of the Atlassian Marketplace, the one-stop shop for Atlassian add-ons. Atlassian is providing Marketplace to connect add-on developers to customers with a unified purchasing experience. The Marketplace experience makes it easy for users to manage and renew their licenses. For instance, you can now purchase new licenses together, updating them together once per year, (because you've got better things to do with your time than track down all of your user licenses!).

We're thrilled to be participating in Marketplace; Tempo 7 is now available for download there with JIRA 5 (we're currently among the top five downloads -- amazing!).

Read more about Marketplace.

Tempo's Time-tracking Developments

Pétur, our rock star, did a Launchpad presentation of Tempo, which, if we're allowed to say, was pretty great. There were even swirling lights and a fog machine on that stage!

Peter the Rock Star

We also received some positive responses from users regarding Tempo 7 and the new features that have been added, including the highly-requested and much-anticipated real-time time tracker that was recently introduced with 7.2, and the ability to now export PDF reports, which was introduced with 7.1. We're proud that our product is an interactive one that builds off of our users' feedback and suggestions. We've got some great new things in store for Tempo, so stay tuned for what's next.

A huge thanks to Atlassian for putting together another successful Summit. We're already looking forward to next year.