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Tempo's business intelligence tools — bringing visibility and transparency to activities and planning

Intelligence is key

Business intelligence is a critical component to any successful enterprise these days. The ability to easily view, analyze, and understand information relevant to the history, current performance, or future projections for an organization is essential.

In most cases, the aim of any business intelligence solution is to help decision-makers make more informed and better decisions to guide an organization by making it simpler to aggregate, view, and slice-and-dice data. This, in turn, makes it easier to identify trends and issues, to uncover new insights, and fine-tune operations to meet business goals.

Working at all organizational levels, Tempo plugin for JIRA provides business analytics, decision support, and snapshot data, helping businesses to assess their needs and make better, informed decisions. Our new gadget tools enable users to uncover trends and identify issues before they escalate, plan for the future from insights into project trends and history, identify projects that do not align with strategic objectives or are over-budget or under-performing, and then make the necessary course corrections.

TM Software uses Tempo

Below are some real-life examples of how Tempo gadgets are currently used by our own organization (sensitive or identifying details have been changed) to plan, allocate, and monitor team and account resources, and to make strategic business decisions regarding them.

Data provided by Tempo's Account Custom Burn-up Chart gadget, as shown below (click here for a larger view), allows our account managers and business executives to establish customer account budgets for a custom period, and then monitor the progress towards that goal throughout the period. An optional estimation line displays a forecast of how progress will develop and when the budget will be reached.

Account Custom Burn-up Chart TM Software

Our Managing Director set up these columns for a current customer account overview to display in his dashboard. He also could have opted to view them in greater contrast using the black backdrop of JIRA Wallboards. He often adds them to Confluence to create dynamic reports.

This gadget also enables our account managers and executives to monitor and manage account performance, and is useful for their spend analysis and budgeting. They can plan and monitor resources, and adjust plans as needs change. There are typically a number of accounts in progress at any given time, and Tempo’s burn-up charts help our managers to easily keep track of them all.

Tempo's Account Hours by Customer gadget is used by our project managers, account managers, and executives to plan and allocate resources according to customer account for a designated period. This gadget, demonstrated in the below screenshot (click here for a larger view), also enables them to identify our largest customers and accounts, make projections involving company and account resources, and plan for the future.

Account Hours by Customer TM Software

Because TM Software is typically working on a number of customer accounts and projects at any given time, this gadget provides our managers with a snapshot of how company resources are being allocated during a particular period, helps them to identify potential resource shortages, and gives them a sense of how resources will be allocated in the future. It helps us to keep on track and keep our customers happy.

Below is another view of the Account Hours by Customer gadget shown in the bar chart (and pie chart) format. This gadget can also be viewed as an area chart or as a table (click here for a larger view).

Account Hours by Customer TM Software

Our project managers also use the Team Hours gadget, Team Timesheet gadget, and Planned Time by Team gadget to display planned, worked, and required time by users and teams, to help plan and allocate team and account resources, and to make future projections.

Planned Time by Team gadget

Above is an example of our Planned Time by Team gadget in both area chart and pie chart views, set up using JIRA Wallboards (click here for a larger view).  It offers an overview of future planned time for the team Cloud Development (October 8th, 2012 through January 3, 2013).

This gadget helps our project managers to get a sense of the team’s availability and the activities they are working on (defined as versions, issues, or components), as well as any out of office time. The red and yellow areas indicate which activities the team is planned for, the blue indicates holiday or non-working time, and the green area shows the team’s availability.

Our users have access to our User Timesheet Progress gadget, People in Version gadget, User Timesheet gadget, and User Timesheet charts gadget to get graphical overviews and quick snapshots of their planned, worked, and required time within a required period, making it easy to manage and keep track of their JIRA issues.

Our gadgets, and the multiple uses they provide for our users, reflect not only Tempo’s evolution from a basic time tracking mechanism for JIRA to a full-fledged business intelligence resource for all levels of your organization, but they also demonstrate our commitment to providing users with the information they need to make truly informed decisions with confidence!

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