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Tempo Weather Report -- Mad Techs in the Tempo Labs

The people working in our Tempo Labs may not wear white lab coats to work every day, but they surely are mad -- about functionality. Here's a recent photo of part of the team diligently working on what's next for Tempo 7.

Tempo Labs team

What are we all looking at?

Among the things that we take pride in are the close relationships that we've managed to cultivate with our customers, continually responding to their feedback on how we can improve upon their user experience. We recently launched Tempo Labs with our Tempo 7.1 release, where we will preview new functionality that we intend to introduce, and allow customers the ability to collaborate with us on how we might improve existing features or incorporate new ones. For instance, our first entry to the Labs was the Tempo Account PDF Export, a huge add-on to Tempo that allows users not only to generate one PDF report, but also to produce reports for all accounts for a given period or timeframe.

Some upcoming features that our Labs team is working on include accessibility and functionality on mobile devices; a pie chart reporting feature for viewing hours billed by categories/customers/accounts (because who doesn't like pie charts?); and a real-time time tracker, which works as a stopwatch on issues in JIRA, and keeps track of when you start and stop working on an issue (coming very soon!).

Stay tuned here for more updates on new Labs features, and as always, keep providing us with your feedback, whether through our general feedback page, or via the new Tempo Labs page on our Wiki.