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Tempo Weather Report: Innovation Week—It's All About the Process

We’re in the thick of our very own Innovation Week 2012 at Tempo, which is turning out to be innovation in action! This week is all about collaboration and creativity – sharing new ideas, solutions, and priorities to get better results and outcomes.

Teampo team during Innovation Week

This week was one of the many suggestions that we took away from last month’s AtlasCamp -- to take a step back, reassess, and recalibrate our development process.  We’re approaching this week as an opportunity to metamorphose Tempo, gather new knowledge, and implement it on some smaller demo-projects. This will make us better prepared to face new challenges in our future development using novel technologies.

Some of our focuses include exploring and familiarizing ourselves with Git, Stash, Maven, Backbone, Soy, REST, ActiveObjects, Bamboo, and more.

Tempo team collaborating, creating

We’ve been working on and planning for a number of new features for Tempo, which will be rolled out in the upcoming months, and this week serves as a pivotal springboard for those efforts. We’ve even got some new additions to the Tempo team (welcome, Guðleifur, Jón Þór, and Lúðvík, and welcome back, Árni Freyr!), who are working on these new projects as well as some of the anticipated design improvements coming to JIRA. We’re really excited to show you what we’ve got in store for the future!

One of the primary resources for our new features development is you; we really value user feedback and suggestions, and we take into consideration everything that is posted and emailed to us. Please continue with your feedback, and we’ll continue to make Tempo even more awesome.