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Tempo Weather Report -- Our Growing Team

We’re starting a new feature on our blog called Weather Report, which we hope you’ll enjoy. We’ll be bringing you informal news and updates periodically of the goings-on at our Tempo headquarters in Reykjavík, Iceland, including the notoriously indecisive arctic weather!

Here’s a recent photo of our team, taken across the street from our offices last week. It was colder outside than it looks, but that’s pretty common this time of year as the days grow longer, bringing us some delightful window weather. Pretty soon, we will have nearly 24 hours of daylight! It's a nice perk for those of us who enjoy sitting outside and drinking a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper at midnight...

Tempo plugin team photo Team Tempo!

We’re situated right across from Reykjavík Harbor and the beautiful Esja, which changes color depending on the time of day. In the winter, Esja is usually covered in snow, and in the warmer months, it ranges from green, to gold, to pink and purple as the sun rises and sets, and the light overhead changes. It's not a bad view from our offices.

Reykjavík Harbor photoReykjavík Harbor, just down the street from our offices.

Our team of talent continues to grow as Tempo 7 takes off, and we are excited to show you what’s next!