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Tempo Speaks Two More Languages: Turkish and Russian

Thanks to the hard work of some of our global partners, Tempo is now available in Turkish and Russian, which joins our existing eight languages. We’re extremely excited to enable more than 227 million people to work the way they want to, in their native tongue.


Hello Turkey and Russia

Your language, your way of working

Nothing is more critical to efficient workflows than working with a tool that speaks your language -- just ask one of the many bilingual (and trilingual) Tempo team members!  Tempo is designed to address this, not only through supporting multiple languages, but also in the way that you shape Tempo to fit the way that you work. It’s a big departure from a rigid system where your project’s work items are called ‘Items,’ whether you like it or not, and it reflects our belief that productivity and efficiency come from a work tool that can match your ideal work process.

The ability to customize Tempo plays hand-in-hand with translating Tempo into new languages; our aim is to build a tool where not only are the core features available in your desired language, but you and your team can take it from there and truly localize our product to suit your time tracking, resource planning, project management, and other needs.

Tempo is now available in:  English (US/UK), French, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Turkish, and Russian.

To use Tempo in a different language, JIRA Administrators with global permissions can select a language from the Administration. Additional languages can be installed. (Please see ‘Configuring JIRA Options’ for specifics.)

Find an error in the translation? You can easily contribute your fix. Just contact us and let us know.

A big thanks to our translators -- Teamlead for the Russian translation, and Solveka for the Turkish -- much appreciated!

The Tempo Team


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