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Tempo Now Speaks Two More Languages: Japanese and Norwegian

We’ve reached a bit of a milestone today with Tempo, as we enter into new territory by offering Tempo in our first Asian language, Japanese, and in our first Scandanavian language, Norwegian!

Tempo is available in Japanese and Norwegian

A huge thank you (ありがとう) goes out to our global partner, Ricksoft, for their hard work in making this a reality. We’re extremely excited to enable more than 120 million native Japanese speakers to work the way they want to, in their mother tongue.

And, a big thank you (takk så mye) also goes out to our awesome customer, ReSight, for translating Tempo into Norwegian.

As we’ve stated before, we believe that nothing is more critical to efficient workflows than working with a tool that speaks your language. Our aim in providing Tempo in multiple languages goes hand-in-hand with our responsiveness to customer suggestions and feedback with each new product release, and reflects our belief that productivity and efficiency come from a work tool that can match your ideal work process.

Interested in using Tempo in your local language? Willing to help us translate? Please contact us, and we’ll get you started.

Tempo is now available in:  English (US/UK), French, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, and Norwegian.

To use Tempo in a different language, JIRA Administrators with global permissions can select a language from the Administration. Additional languages can be installed. (Please see ‘Configuring JIRA Options’ for specifics.)

Find an error in the translation? You can easily contribute your fix. Just contact us (tempo[at]tempoplugin.com) and let us know.

Tempo's Japanese and Norwegian translations are available in Tempo 7.4.1. Read the Release Notes, and buy Tempo on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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