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Tempo Best of 2011

We released 5 major releases in 2011 with 16 minor releases. The Tempo Team delivered massive improvements in user interface and usability, introducing planning, improvement to reporting and timesheets, new views and Tempo gadgets.  Here is the best of the best from 2011.

Tempo Planning

In Tempo 6.2 we first introduced high level planning for an 'Activity'.  An 'Activity' is a 'Project', 'Version' or a 'Component'.


Internal Activity for Planning was introduced in Tempo 6.4 This can be quite useful for those planning out of office activities such as vacations. Check out his blog and the video below.


 Account Management in a User Interface

This highly requested feature allows users to manage accounts (billing keys) easily in a user interface. This provides an easy way to add and edit accounts, customers and categories.  JIRA admin has to enable this feature or import keys via CSV or a webservice as in previous versions.

 New Tempo Reports Preview

Tempo 6.3 included a sneak peek of Tempo 7 next generation reports as a preview. The biggest change is that the reports are more tabular than before and worklog attributes have been moved to a column and don´t need to be expanded from the report filter view. The print view has also been improved from the old report format.

 Tempo Gadgets

We added and improved a few gadgets in 2011 that can be used in JIRA or Confluence.
User Gadget shows an overview of user's time tracking and planned activities.

People in Version maps the people working in a particular version in a gadget-based view, and shows the hours they've worked on that version, the gadget also shows planned time.


Tempo gadgets can be viewed as a Wallboard if the JIRA Wallboards plugin is installed.

The Team Gadget is designed for Tempo administrators and allows them to view the details of the time-sheet status of all members in a team. The gadget displays hours required, hours planned and hours worked for the current period for each team member. Timesheet approval status is also displayed.

 Improved User Interface and Usability

We made massive UI changes with Tempo, that aimed towards a unified experience from timesheet to reports. We also made many usability enhancements to speed up common tasks such as making inline editing in a timesheet possible.

We also made it easy to view worklogs and planned activities per day in the timesheets.

With just a drag of the cursor, users can now log work for a period within a given timesheet, making the logging process as simple as possible. This exciting new feature can't be captured with a mere picture - try it yourself. This can also be done with planning.

Tempo for Atlassian OnDemand

Tempo is now offered as a an integrated part of the Atlassian OnDemand cloud platform.  Atlassian OnDemand takes our popular time tracking and resource planning suite into the cloud, providing your team with better ways to plan, track and adapt time.


2012 and Tempo

The tempo team has been working extra hard getting Tempo 7 ready for launch and we promise more exciting improvements and features for Tempo users in 2012 and beyond.

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