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Tempo 7 - Time Tracking can be Fun

Lets admit it time tracking is not something that makes people exited about. It is even harder to get people onboard using time tracking alone. The Tempo team has joined forces with their customers beating this problem with every release of Tempo. Tempo 7 takes this further offering over 20 new features, taking timetracking to the next level with the user in first seat.


As an example, when we released Resource Planning in Tempo, we quickly learned from our customers that many of you want Issue Planning. The idea in our Ideas Forum reached wooping 80 votes. We are very excited to be able to offer the ability to plan people on issues in JIRA 5.

Issue Planning Collaborators

We are very happy about the amount of feedback we get from you. Keep the ideas coming in, 2012 is going to be a great year for timetracking.

Tempo 7 is now available for download. Seeing is believing, watch what is new in Tempo 7.0 and tell us what you think. Got a great story to tell us, tweet it!


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