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Tempo 7.4's new print-friendly views for Timesheets, Reports, and Calendars

A number of our users have requested the ability to print directly from their Tempo timesheet, reports, and calendar views. Up until now, users simply used their print-in-browser functionality when in these regular views, but data would sometimes cut off when printed, particularly in the Tempo timesheet view. Some organizations, however, require this print option for their internal billing and payroll management, and thus, previous printing capabilities were insufficient.

With Tempo 7.4, Tempo now supports a printable view of Tempo in JIRA that can be used to generate a printer-friendly page of the timesheets, reports, and calendars. Every timesheet view in Tempo (User, Project, Team, and Advanced), as well as Tempo calendar and report view, now has a ‘View’ and a ‘Print’ option.

Here are some examples of what this feature now offers to our users. Navigating to this printable view is easy. From the Views list, simply select the timesheet, calendar, or report view desired, and click on ‘Printable’ to obtain the print-friendly view.

Below is an example of navigating from Paul Bergen’s weekly timesheet to the printable view.

Tempo timesheet printable action

And below is an example of how to navigate from the same user’s weekly report view:

Tempo report printable action

Here are some examples of the print views. First is Paul Bergen’s weekly timesheet. Once in this view, you can print-in-browser, depending on which browser is used.

Tempo timesheet printable view

And below is an example of a printable report view. Again, print the page using your print-in-browser feature.

Tempo report printable action

You can view other features, improvements, and bug fixes that were added to Tempo 7.4 in our last blog post announcing this new release, and also take a look at our Release Notes for this version. Tempo 7.4 is available for JIRA download via Atlassian’s Marketplace.

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