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Shiny and New -- Introducing Tempo 7.2

You may have heard us talking up Tempo 7.2 over the last couple of weeks, particularly if we've chatted it up at the Atlassian Summit. Trust us, it's for good reason. We’re stoked to now introduce the newest version, which includes lots of added features and functionality to Tempo.

With Tempo 7, we introduced a major overhaul of the Tempo user interface, which was intended to improve the overall user experience, and streamline the plugin’s many features for more intuitive navigation. Tempo 7 is designed to work seamlessly with JIRA 5, and incorporates several of the platform’s new features.

The main highlights of the new release include:

Check out our Tempo 7.2 Release Notes for more details and screenshots illustrating all that’s new. Some of our favorites include the real-time time tracker -- a much-requested and highly-anticipated feature (which we’ll touch on more specifically in a separate blog post soon) -- and the ability to set a monthly budget for an account, as highlighted below.

Monthly Budgeting

With 7.2, the Account Manager can now be used to define a monthly budget for each account. The new Monthly Budget feature is intended to be used for available time that can be spent on an account during a particular period, and is visible on the Account Detail page, as well as in timesheets and reports.

Tempo User Budget Account Edited

Tempo User Account Budget

Tempo User Budget Account Report Alt View

The Monthly Budget is displayed in the timesheet under the "MB" column -- it's only displayed if an account has a defined budget. As you can see below, the Monthly Budget is displayed at the bottom of reports.

Tempo User Budget Account Timesheet View

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we might improve Tempo; after all, your comments help us to continually improve your user experience. You can submit your comments on our general feedback page or via our Wiki.


Great news -- Tempo is now available in eight local languages: French, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, and Russian.

Tempo 7 licenses are now available for JIRA download on the Atlassian Marketplace.

In addition, Tempo 7 is available directly from the plugin’s website. Renewal and upgrade licenses can also be obtained, all for JIRA download, JIRA OnDemand, or JIRA Enterprise.

We've followed the footsteps of Atlassian's "Get Started for $10" program, and are now offering a 10-user license for just $10 -- with the added benefit that the license fee is donated directly to Room to Read, an organization dedicated to helping children in the developing world learn to read, and thus break the cycle of poverty into which they were born.

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