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Sneak Peek of new Gadgets coming in Tempo 7.3

Our Tempo Labs Team has been busy this summer preparing some awesome new gadget features for the upcoming Tempo 7.3. We want to give you a preview of what to expect from Tempo. These new gadgets will allow users to set up great JIRA dashboards to track time spent on accounts, monitor teams' tracked time and resource allocation, and to chart this information visually.

The gadgets vary from simple, single-user based gadgets to more complex and vast manager-based gadgets, and provide users, admins, and account managers with a graphical overview of user hours, account hours, team member hours, planned time, budgeted time, and more. Most of the new gadgets are viewable by pie chart, bar chart, or area chart, and provide users an easy way to plan, track, and budget company time and resources. Just like any Tempo gadget, you can easily share them on your JIRA dashboard or make them available in Confluence.

So, while we’re still in the process of finalizing the new features, here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.

User Gadgets

Users can now get a glimpse of their time tracking more easily on the dashboard with new gadgets and display options.

User Activity Hours Chart

Viewable as a bar chart or a pie chart, you can see a user's worked and planned hours by activity. We have also made most of our gadgets available for JIRA Wallboards.

User Timesheet

This new gadget is great for a weekly timesheet overview to see what you are currently working on.

Team Gadgets

With these new gadgets, you can get a better overview of your team status and visualize your team capacity and availability.

Team Timesheet

Get a quick overview of how your team is progressing for any given period or week with a direct link to its corresponding timesheet in Tempo.

Team Allocation

Get a graphical overview of unallocated time and time allocated by activity. Get a better sense of what team members are working on over the upcoming weeks, as well as the progress of your current projects, so you can allocate time and resources and plan for new activities.

Account Gadgets

These new gadgets enable users to get a sense of budgeted time and resources, and provide greater transparency to identify workflow inefficiencies and business challenges.

Customer Charts

New customer charts, viewable as a pie chart, bar chart, area chart, and more, will show planned and unplanned team hours or a billable breakdown for a given customer.

Account Budget Burn-up chart

View a monthly burn-up (or for a custom period) and estimate when a budget will be exceeded with a projected estimation.

More to come

But wait, there's more to come in the upcoming weeks!

We've committed to making Tempo the absolute best solution available for time tracking and resource planning within JIRA. In the very near future, you'll see more awesome features that will add even more strength to our solution.