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Introducing Tempo Labs - Outrageously Brilliant

Starting with Tempo 7.1 we have opened our door to a whole new world of outrageously brilliant future features now available in Tempo. We call this Tempo Labs, that will preview future functionality in Tempo and gives customers options to collaborate with us on improving and incorporating features into the labs.

Our first candidate into Tempo Labs is Tempo Account PDF Export, so we'd love to get your feedback on this turbo charged feature. Not only can you produce one PDF report, you also produce reports for all accounts for a given period or timeframe. Let's take a look:

The Account PDF generator can produce a PDF for a single account or produce them in a batch.

Tempo Export All Accounts to PDF Tempo Export All Accounts to PDF

The zipped folder includes a pdf file for each accounts that have some hours logged within the selected period.
Tempo PDF Export Example
A report is also included with the following columns:

  • Account KEY
  • Account name
  • Total hours
  • Lead name
  • Contact name
  • Time it took to create each file and the total time of generating the PDF reports

You can upload you company logo to be included in the report to produce a professional looking reports that will impress. At the this time many reader will already asks themselves if they will be able to customize the output of the report, yes that is the plan so stay tuned.

Tempo PDF Report Example
Get started with Tempo Labs,  get Tempo 7.1 today and enable labs features. To all the great feature of Tempo 7.1 please see our release notes.

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