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Introducing Tempo for JIRA Enterprise

More and more enterprises are adopting JIRA and Tempo and doing so with great success. In an effort to accompany the needs of the largest JIRA customers we are very excited about the new JIRA Enterprise program to meet the needs of large-scale installations of JIRA. Tempo has become a critical core part of many organizations, understanding that we have been dedicating time and resources making Tempo scale from the start-up to the enterprise. In this process Tempo has gone from being a simple plugin to a full-blown application built on top of Atlassian JIRA. Customers are seeing this as a strength to have an all-in-one solution for task management, time-tracking and planning. This makes it easy for a majority of employees that can enter time in one system seamlessly along with tasks they need to deliver.

We are committed to support every JIRA customer and JIRA Enterprise is no exception. I am happy to announce that Tempo Enterprise will be available to JIRA Enterprise customers.

Tempo will be available for the following JIRA Enterprise Tiers

500 User JIRA Enterprise


2000 User JIRA Enterprise


10000 User JIRA Enterprise


10000+ User JIRA Enterprise


What is included with Tempo Enterprise?

  • Private Enterprise forum for technical contacts
  • Free subscription to The Tempo Times
  • 3 Tempo T-shirts
  • Tempo on-boarding package to strategically set up Tempo in your Enterprise, 4 hours with Tempo experts (this may be your local Expert)
  • Access to additional enterprise features as they become available

Existing Customers

JIRA customers who move to JIRA Enterprise that have an existing Tempo license will be able to move their Tempo license to Tempo Enterprise. As before, all Tempo licenses will need to match the JIRA license. We will also support the new 500 user license for JIRA for those who have over 100 users but do not require JIRA Enterprise.