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Tempo 7.4 — Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Today we release Tempo 7.4, a feature-loaded version that responds to a number of user requests and further enhances the functionality and efficiency of Tempo, including new enterprise features for timesheet and planning approval processes.

Here are some of the main highlights of this release:

Workflow notifications added for Approvals process

This new feature builds upon our Timesheet Approval Process, which, if enabled (the default setting is that email notifications will be sent), allows for user timesheets to be submitted for approval on a weekly or monthly basis.

Unless disabled in their User Preferences, once a user submits their timesheet to their manager or supervisor for approval, the user receives an automatically generated email notifying them of their timesheet’s submission. Likewise, once the reviewer either approves or rejects their timesheet, the user receives an additional email notifying them of this.

When a Timsheet is submitted, rejected, or approved, a user can add a comment for the action that will be included in the Tempo Activity Stream.

This is a great new feature that keeps everyone on the same page and in the loop.

Planning Approval Process added

This new feature allows users to plan time, subject to a reviewer's approval. This is especially useful for planning internal issues like vacations and meetings. If enabled, users can request a plan for approval, and their supervisor can approve or reject their proposed plan.

Users can add comments on workflow actions. Notification emails will be sent to users and supervisors if enabled, and the workflow actions will we pushed to the user's activity stream. This planning feature is is configured in the Tempo Global Configuration as a Tempo Labs feature (so we would really appreciate your feedback on it!).

The 'Description' below is a message to the selected reviewer, John Steel. Both Paul and John have configured a Dashboard to display all Tempo activity, and the description is displayed in both dashboards.

Paul can select another reviewer to take a look at his planned vacation time in the event his manager or supervisor is out of the office.

The plan can be edited from the action list in the 'Inline Plan dialog,' as shown below.

The 'Plan Status' is displayed in the Timehseet cell background colors. If a reviewer is selected in the 'Plan Time dialog,' the request is displayed with a yellow background in the timesheet cell. The reviewer can 'Approve' this plan request, and the timesheet cell background is then changed from yellow to  green.

Color Plan Status
None Reviewer has not been selected
Yellow Pending Manager
Green Approved
Red Rejected
Blue More than one statuses for the selected date

Another great component of this feature:  When a user requests planned time, an email notification is sent to the selected reviewer. By selecting the team timesheet view, the reviewer can view all requested and accepted vacation time for a particular period. Planned time can be accepted or rejected with one simple click. It's an easy way to plan time wisely with everyone in the loop.

Printable view in Timesheets and Reports added

Every timesheet view in Tempo (User, Project, Team, and Advanced) now has a View and Print option.  The same now holds true for all views in Tempo Reports. This has been a highly-requested feature that we will expand on separately in another post.

New display added to Tempo’s Calendar view

Users' names are now displayed in the Tempo Calendar view. The Issue summary is displayed as a tool tip when hovering over the issue key, as shown.

Expand or collapse all users in Team Timesheet view

There is now a toggle button viewable in the Project, Team, and Advanced timesheets, which, when clicked, expands all of the projects that team members are currently working on.

Other new features in Tempo 7.4

Several other awesome features have also been added to this release, including:

And, a number of improvements and bug fixes have also been added. You can read about all of the new features, improvements, and bug fixes released with Tempo 7.4 in our new release notes.

Upgrading to Tempo 7.4 is free for all customers with an active Tempo license. New customers can purchase a license through the Atlassian Marketplace.

Give Tempo a Go:

Okay, let's celebrate!