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Greater Flexibility with Tempo OnDemand

We’re pleased to introduce our new pricing structure for Tempo OnDemand. This new structure brings our user tiers in line with Atlassian's JIRA OnDemand user tiers, and provides customers with greater options and flexibility when it comes to choosing our product. Our annual OnDemand subscriptions entitle you to perpetual use, and include 12 months of maintenance (including product updates and support) commencing from the date of purchase.

Tempo OnDemand subscriptions

Users Tempo OnDemand Annual
10 $100
15 $250
25 $500
50 $1,000
100 $1,500
500 $2,500
2,000 $5,000

We’ve added a 15-user Tempo OnDemand subscription as well as a 2,000-user tier, and have decreased the price of our 10-user subscription by 50%. Upgrades are available at a reduced cost,* and can be easily calculated by taking the price of the upgrade desired minus 50% of the cost of your current OnDemand subscription, as shown below:

Upgrade Tempo OnDemand

15 Users 25 Users 50 Users 100 Users 500 Users 2,000 Users
From 10 Users OnDemand to $200 $450 $950 $1,450 $2,450 $4,950
From 15 Users OnDemand to $325 $825 $1,325 $2,325 $4,825
From 25 Users OnDemand to $750 $1,250 $2,250 $4,750
From 50 Users OnDemand to $1,000 $2,000 $4,500
From 100 Users OnDemand to $1,750 $4,250
From 500 Users OnDemand to $3,750

*Customers upgrading their OnDemand subscriptions within the first 30 days of purchase will be charged the difference between user tiers.

If you have questions regarding Tempo OnDemand, please visit our Licensing and Pricng FAQ and OnDemand FAQ. Please note that Tempo OnDemand subscriptions have not yet been migrated to Atlassian’s Marketplace and must be purchased directly through us.

See you in the cloud!