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Five Reasons to Look Forward to Tempo 7.5 (And a New Year)

Assuming the Mayan prophecy doesn’t prevail in a few days, we've got a lot to look forward to in 2013, including the release of Tempo 7.5. Our team has been working diligently on this new version. It's our biggest release since Tempo 7.0. which was jam-packed with new features.

The primary focus of Tempo 7.5 is on Enterprise and Agile, with a major overhaul of Tempo’s workload schemes, teams, and permissions configurations to give you the flexibility you need to scale Tempo to your organization’s needs.

The next Tempo release will also support hyper-Agile teams that want to keep track of actual spent time versus burned time. We’re committed to making it easier to introduce Tempo into large businesses, and Tempo 7.5 will deliver massive improvements on that front.

So, without further ado, here's a short preview of what's to come in the new year with Tempo 7.5:

1. Workload schemes

Tempo 7.5 will introduce more flexible workload schemes, including user configurations that accommodate part-time employees and those working a non-traditional work week (i.e., something other than a Monday — Friday work week with Saturday and Sunday off). A user’s required hours calculation, as well as their ability to enter time on certain days of the week, will be based on their customizable workload scheme.

2. More flexible reports

In response to user feedback, and to better improve your experience with Tempo reports, we're working on making table view reports on par with tabular reports, to support inline editing, customizable column display, and the total sum of hours.

3. Tempo team management

Tempo 7.5 will add better, more flexible ways to create and manage Tempo teams. We’ve received a number of requests from admins seeking easier, more simplified ways to add users to a Tempo team, for instance by choosing users or groups to create large-scale teams, to migrate old teams to new teams, and to be able to attach roles within those teams. Tempo 7.5. includes a number of new features and functionality to make this possible.

4. Permissions management

In line with the added flexibility of creating and managing Tempo teams, our next release will also feature increased flexibility in configuring permissions and access. This is in response to a number of requests seeking easier, more efficient ways to create and manage teams, and to enable other Tempo users to do so.

5. Agile time tracking

Building on the deeper GreenHopper integration and improvements, which were recently included with our Tempo 7.4.3 improvements, Tempo 7.5 will include some additional improvements and functionality to the Worklogs view, including the ability to configure and edit worklogs, a user-requested feature for added flexibility.

This is only the beginning

Several usability improvements will be added to Tempo 7.5, including a new look and feel to the issue picker, the addition of the user picker to the Issue view Log Work dialog for easier, more efficient navigation, and Tempo's ability to remember the last tab used in the Log Work dialog, which will open by default upon the next entry.

This sneak peek is only the tip of the iceberg. Tempo 7.5 is one of the biggest Tempo releases yet, and will include many more features and improvements. Stay tuned for more information on the release date and the specific features to be added!

Happy holidays from the Tempo team, and here's to a peaceful, prosperous new year.

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