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Betware Case Study

Name: Betware Location: HQ in Iceland, Europe, North America Website: http://www.betware.com Bio: Betware is a pioneer in the Internet gaming market with more than 14 years' experience in developing and delivering interactive gaming solutions.


Betware is a pioneer in the Internet gaming market with more than 14 years' experience in developing and delivering interactive gaming solutions. Betware’s gaming platform is designed for flexibility and openness, enabling customers to easily enjoy games from third party suppliers. Betware employs a team of over 100 energetic, creative, and passionate professionals based in Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Madrid, and Kamloops, British Columbia.


Tempo's solution, which heavily relies upon TM Software innovations, supplements the work requests and service system from Atlassian's JIRA. The Tempo time registration system facilitates the organization of issues related to billing and time reporting, and can lead to considerable improvements in organizational efficiency. Tempo provides managers and employees with more effective perspectives on time, project management, and invoice issues.


Having experienced considerable growth for the past 3 years, Betware came to realize that their old time registration process was both outdated and, in some cases, a liability to the company. Not only were there many manual actions required in the registration with multiple emails sent throughout the company for validation, but the financial department's bill creation process was tedious and time consuming. With outdated time registration and billing procedures weighing down the company's potential, a new solution was needed. The integration of Tempo significantly simplified Betware's administration.

“I love the simplicity Tempo offers by supporting time registration directly within Jira. Even though Tempo is a plugin from a different provider, Tempo and Jira combined feels like a single solution. In reality this means we have fewer systems to interact with and therefore spend more time focusing on delivering real value to our customers.“

Björn Brynjar Head of Project Management Office


Betware has been using Jira from Atlassian for the past 4 years with great success, but was using another tool to maintain time registration for its development teams. Having to maintain the same project in two separate locations was a hassle for Betware's project managers, and digging out information about vital statistics from two sources was especially taxing. This inefficiency also led to people having to switch between programs and figuring out which project with which to register hours in the secondary program. Through the implementation of Tempo, Betware's project management has been confined to the Jira/Atlassian suite, a single location where 95% of all Betware employees conduct their work. Employees have an easier time registering hours and every key figure is kept at a single location for the project managers. Key statistics can easily be extracted and used for further benefits for management. All in all, Tempo is a great tool that has helped Betware.


TM Software has successfully developed a solution built around Tempo, which supplements the work requests and services of the JIRA system from Australian company Atlassian. The main advantages of Tempo involve the simplification of administration of accounts and time registration, typically resulting in high efficiency for businesses. Tempo also provides a good overview of the time of registration, project management data, and invoice issues with an intuitive graphic interface. The role of TM Software for Betware involved consultation on a variety of needs including visibility.

  • Simplify the time registration process & make it more streamlined
  • Achieve consistency in reports being presented
  • Increase the information available to both management and our customers
  • Cut the risk of lost hours in the registration process and billing
  • Cut overhead in billing process for finance and management
  • Reduce conflict with customers over hours billed
  • Create greater clarity in utilization of teams
  • Increase ROI on projects and teams, leading to increased EBITDA

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